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sleeping with ski boots.

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a friend told me to try sleeping with my boots on, it will make me "more used to them" any thoughts to the idea? I tryed it but it was rather painfull. I think my freinds nerve ends are fried or something.

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What's your friends name? Is she good looking? Would she go out with me?

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Brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "knocking boots." [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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it was a guy (sorry) and I heard that long distance relationships rarely last anyway
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Lets see, no movement, restricted blood supply...sounds like a good way to loose some toes to me... :
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i've done it before once...not to get used to them...
i got into a ski accident and after the stiches, i was in the car...to lazy to get my boots off...so with them buckled up and strapped in, i feel asleep....my feet never felt better...they were toasty warm on the way back home from Tahoe to San Jose...

wouldn't try it on a bed overnight tho [img]smile.gif[/img]

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that's funny, sleeping with your boots on. I thought doing the dishes was silly. I can see one watching a movie with the boots on, but sleeping in bed...

the best way to break in a ski boot is to do what they are intended for-ski.

you guys crack me up. I have slept in my car though. pitched tents at night in campgounds and broken down camp at daylight before the rangers came. I've slept beneath the golden gate bridge on the northern side. a motorcylce could pass the gate. It is a really steep drop. slept by the side of the road, but never with my ski boots still on.


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well jim, its just one more thing to add to your list!

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If ya snuggle up to your ski boots laying next to you and keep them nice and warm, they will reward you with a better fit and a day of pleasure on the slopes.
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oops I was on my freinds computer (mjkbryant) and it had me autologged.

The real BoB
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I tried once, woke up about an hour later in a lot of pain and lack of circulation. I was trying to get the boots to break in faster, they were WAY too tight and for some reason I thought sleeping in them would be a good idea... its not.
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I believe one may be better off wearing the boots in the sauna instead of in bed.

I put my boot shells in HOT water for a while, then quickly assembled the liner and put them on and walked around a bit.

I don't think it did much "fitting", but they sure went on easily and buckled up real nice.

2 cents worth.

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Ok..no..no..no...not sleeping with your boots on!

It should be dying with your boots on. Of course you have to be skiing out west to qualify for that one.

Maybe even being buried with your boots on , but never never sleeping with them on, unless of course it is a catnap while riding up in a Tram or Gondola.

You get used to your boots by walking around in them and skiing them, sleeping....

BTW who told you that one?
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yeah I never even got to sleep, the pain was extensive(the boots being x-wave 10s with a flex of 110 might have had something to do with it.) and it was just a friend of mine, perhaps it was because he was blonde.(no offense to all you scandinavians)

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I've worn them to bed but always take them off before I fall asleep.
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