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Volkl Unlimited's

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I've been seeing some of the Volkl Unlimited's advertised as flat. Is this so any binding can be mounted so I'm not forced to use the Marker?

Any explanations would be appreciated if I'm wrong.
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That's exactly what it means!
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I don't know if the deeper profile
running lengthwise would make
some binding hole patterns
Have not seen any flats yet.
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The other reason to buy a flat mount is performance. The motion system provides a different ride that a flat mount. Lots of people prefer the flat mount because it gives a quicker response. Some like the dulled response of the motion. I plan to buy the flat if I can find the bucks.
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Thanks for all your info!
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Motion iPT (internal Power Transmission) combines ease of ski flex with the ultimate power and sensitivity available in any ski/binding system. Engineers built the binding interface INTO the ski body, then created an even lighter system that slides into position on the ski. Inside the ski, the interface creates the most rigid connection of any Motion System to date, resulting in incredibly direct transmission of skier input to the snow surface. The lateral members of the interface rest directly on top of the Extended Double Grip construction, allowing them to pressure the ski directly over the edges, maximizing efficiency.
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I bought AC4s with Motion iPT yesterday.
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Ummm...AC4s come with the motion system...but not the IPT system as best as I can tell. The IPT system is on the Allstar and the RaceTiger Gs and Sl, but the AC4 has the regular motion system. From the Volkl Website:
Specs: Unlimited AC4
motion system Motion AT Racing w/PCOS, AT w/PCOS, or without Motion

Specs: Supersport Allstar
motion system Motion iPT w/PCOS or iPT Racing w/PCOS

From looking at the two skis (Allstar w/IPT vs. AC4) it seems like the AC4 is very traditional in it's build so that it could accept any binding if you purchased it flat.
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So Gotma Girl,

If you were so inclined, which would you buy flat or otherwise for the AC4?
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So Gotma Girl,

If you were so inclined, which would you buy flat or otherwise for the AC4?
Good question...I still have my G4s, which are non-motion...and I love these skis! Fortunately, I think I can eke one more season out of them as they have become my Mad River skis anyway.

Having skied other motion skis though, I would probably go with the motion as it's slightly lighter and I ski Marker anyway (injured with other binding brand, so superstitious now!) Makes it easier to sell them later on, when I'm done with them.
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