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So far I have found 3 demo days for the upcoming 2005/2006 season in the Pacific Northwest. They are:

Hillcrest Demo Day at Mt Hood Meadows on Sunday, December 11th.

Check out Meadows' events calendar: By the way, I was at Hillcrest Sports last weekend and confirmed with them the event.

Sturtevant's will be at Stevens Pass on Wednesday, December 14th.

Sturtevant's will be at Crystal Mt. on Saturday, December 17th.

Check out Sturtevant's event calendar:

If anyone finds out about any more demo days in the Pacific Northwest, please add them to this thread. I wasn't thinking about buying new skis this year, but given how hard our local ski shops where hit last year I may aquire a new pair to help support them. Here in the Portland, Oregon area Sam Bennet's sports appears to have gone out of business and Hillcrest Sports shut down one of their two shops. The guys at Hillcrest Sports told me last week that they are still trying to dig themselves out of the financial disaster they suffered last season.