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I need binding clarification - please

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I am going to upgrade from Fischer RX4's to (I think) Dynastar Skicross 9's.

The Fischers have an integrated Tyrolia binding that slides on tracks integrated to the ski.

The Dynastars have a binding plate pre-drilled for Look Pivot 10 or 12 bindings.

Is this Dynastars version of an integrated binding or is this a "flat ski" pre-drilled for their own binding? It will not change my mind on purchasing the ski, but would like to know. The idea of an integrated binding that will flex with the ski makes a lot of sense, cognitively anyway.


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I suppose the way to think of it is to think of the plate as being inegrated, and the plate in turn being designed for specific bindings, and thus predrilled. This is much how even more recent Salomon Pilot skis worked - the pilot system was integrated into the ski, but the plate could then mount any Salomon binding. The Dynastar sytem is no different in that respect. Originally, when the AutoDrive skis first came out you could mount anything on them, and later they evolved into a Look/Rossi only plate. I think the newer plates are much nicer than the originals however.


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The Skicross 9 (04/05 model, discontinued under the skicross label) has a pre-drilled but not "integrated" plate. Real integration nowadays means a system with no screws where the plate/interface is a truly integral part of the ski.
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Checkracer - do you know if the skicross 9 was replaced by the Contact 9, or is this a different line alltogether?

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I thought the ski on the ski cross series was actually shaed around that strangely built plate... no? Now that you mention it i think i recell the plate that was built into the ski in the front and exposed in the back disappearing at some point in the last few years... I couldnt say when though. I always think of integrated versus just a drilled plate like this: If a plate is not integrated you could in theory remove the plate from the ski and mount any bindings onto the flat ski. With an integrated plate this would not be possible - even if you were to somehow get the plate off the ski.
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The word integrated really is misleading. The binding might not be integrated by some definitions but the ski, plate and bindings on the SkiCross are designed to work together and do, better in my opinion than most integrated solutions.
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I think that the current Skicross 10 is the same as last year´s Skicross 9/10.
Both last year´s models were - afaik - identical but for different plates and bases.
Which means that the Skicross 9 continues, only it´s not "9" but "10".

Contact XT 9 is the same ski as Skicross 10. It has the lighter and softer ARS composite plate but is "not available in US" according to the Dynastar Memobook.

The problem with Dynastar is the built-in 7mm "step" in the middle of some skis. The ski itself is not flat and without the appropriate plate respecting the "step" (such as the ARS plate with springs under the heel in the Skicross models) you can´t mount another plate. You could, I suppose, mount a 2-piece binding using a heel lifter.

I agree with Greg´s explanation/interpretation.

I also agree with rio´s "the word integrated really is misleading". More than that, IMO it was (still is?) also misused by some companies talking about "integration" mainly because it sounds good and trendy.

It´s not absolutely equal but approximately like this (last year´s skis on the right)
Contact ST 10 = Omecarve 10
Contact XT 10 = new
Contact XT 9 = Skicross 10
Contact ST 09 = Omecarve 9
Contact SX 08 AIS+ = Omecarv 8 AIS+
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