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Stoweflake reservation for sale

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I made a reservation at the Stoweflake Resort for ESA East for both Friday and Saturday nights (12/16 and 12/17) and am now not going to the event. They won't refund me the one day deposit I made of $109 including taxes.

Since I made the reservation early it should be a pretty good room.

If you're going to the event and plan on staying there, please contact me so we can transfer my reservation to you and have me not lose the $109. Total for the two nights would be $218 including taxes, you'd need to get me $109 and them the balance, they told me they would then change the reservation to your name.
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They won't convert it to a one night reservation, I suppose...I need a Friday night room.
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Originally Posted by jstraw
They won't convert it to a one night reservation, I suppose...I need a Friday night room.

I'm fairly certain they have a two night minimum.
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Ah, I see...thanks
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They don't charge extra for two people in the room (not sure about more than 2, but who would know?)

So for two people it would only be $109 per person for two nights, a great deal. I got their brochure and this is a very classy looking place!
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for two nights, or for each of the two nights?
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Total price is $109 per night including taxes. This price is the same if it's one or two people.
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Laurie, it's $100 per night for either one or two. If two, then it amounts to $50 per person per night.

I was in Stowe yesterday having some work done by Benny Wax at Inner Boot Works. The guy is fantastic. Some of you who attended the ETU last year may remember him. He does good . . . no, he does GREAT work.

Stowe was beautiful, as always. Now that I have a new toy (digital camera), I'll be posting some shots of Stowe from time to time (if I can get my hands on the book Posting Photos on EpiSki . . . for Dummies or if a very patient person talks me through it.
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Well, that is what I thought, but I got a little confused by the post.

I don't think I can make it...I am so broke it isn't funny.
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I just replied to your pm of this evening, Laurie. I have faith in you! I bet you'll be there!
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jstraw you're going to ETU all the way from kansas???
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Still available. Limited space at the Stoweflake and i'd hate to lose the money.
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Check your PM's I'm interested.
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