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Atomic M:EX, advice needed on 185 vs. 175

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Has anyone skied the Atomic M:EX 04/05 in both the 175 and 185? After talking to ski shop I bought the 185 (haven't mounted them yet). But I keep on going back to the Atomic chart which says I should be on the 175's. I weigh 240, 6'1", and am an expert skier. I bought these skis because I wanted some width to help me from breaking through (and making ankle deep troughs in) the crust/crud in the Sierra's. When I go off piste I make all sorts of arcs depending on the conditions. Will the 175's allow me make SL carves in tight situations but get squirrelly at GS speeds with my wieght? Will the 185's be 2x4's until I get them up to GS speed's? Can I make SL turns on the 185's at a lower speed? Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to demo. Thanks for your opinions.
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I am 230 lbs. and 5'10" on a good day and have the 185cm , I have also been on both in a good variety of conditions .
The 175cm will give you a bit more versatily in tight spots and initiate the turn a little easier ,note it does not lack for stability at speed if thats a concern . The flotation won't be much different in the snow your describing . As for slalom turns they are surprisingly quick for skis with a radius of 19m in 175cm and 20m for the 185cm .
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I'm 6'1" and 200 lbs. I ski the 175 and it's all the muscle I need. The 185 would definitely be outta my league.

But, you're likely a more agressive skier than me (I'm level 8 - 51 years), and you're 40 pounds heavier - that's significant.

Depending upon your needs, you could go either way. The 185 would not be a mistake. It'll give you more flotation, and a more power.

However, the 175 won't wimp out on you - you can quote me! It's a beefy, powerhouse ski. In addition, it'll provide more versatility, and quickness (edge to edge).

It mostly comes down to your priorities. If in doubt, I'd probably lean toward the 175. I've never met anyone who's felt they weren't enough for them.
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Stay with the 185 at your weight. I am 160lb, 53 y.o. level 10 skier. I skied the 185 in the 03/04 season and I couldn't coax short turns out of it very easily. It was fine in a big mountain environment for me, but lacked versatility. I skied the 175 most of last season as my main ski and it was great. With 80 extra lbs. the 185 should be the right size for you.
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