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New Fritschi "Freeride" bindings 2001-02

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I just took a peek at FritschiĀ“s 01-02 catalog and there is a new model called the "freeride".
It is basically a beefed up Diamir,the DIN goes up to 12 and everything is supposed to be a bit stronger.From the picture it looked like the heel platform was higher than the toe platform (like a normal binding) but it is hard to tell for sure.
The heel locking system looked very similar to the Diamir,this is bad news bacause i think this design lacks the torsional stiffness rquired to hold an edge on ice .
Now,if somebody could design a racing boot with a vibram sole and a walk mechanism...
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MC, I read about this in some industry publications, but where did you find the Fritschi catalog?
I've never noticed any problems with the torsional rigidity, but then again I've never conducted a scientific test of this.
Somebody actually has designed a racing boot with a vibram sole - sort of. Just take an Atomic race boots, screw off the removable toe and heel units, hack up a junky old AT boot's sole, and you'll be in business. (No walk/ski switch though.)
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The Fritschi catalog i saw was at a large mountain/ski store in Benasque (Spain).
The lack of torsional rigidity is very easy to check:
-Put a ski with a race binding flat on the floor,boot into the binding.
-Step onto the ski in front and behind the binding.
-Try to move the boot sideways (edging).
-Do the same with a diamir mounted ski.
You will find that the diamir is far more elastic sideways,so your edge input in hard snow is partially lost.In soft snow,you ride the base of the ski,no torque involved,no problem.
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You picked out the problem on the fritschi well. The heel lock just allows for way too much twisting which on hardpack reads: ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-chatter!

However, I gotta say this years binding is truely one of the most impressive new pieces of equipment I own. I've been using it exclusively over the past month for everything and the subsequent abuse it's received would make a high-end fixed binding cringe. 'Course I only weigh 155 so maybe someone bigger can dish out more impact but !yikes! can it take a hit!! I thought the weak link might be the flimsy looking chunk of plastic toe-lock which I was sure would soon seek refuge in obliteration, but I needn't have bothered buying the extra toe-piece.

This binding is fine on everything but hardpack and (without having to bend over with a heavy pack on) a simple twist with the tip of the pole inserted into the heel lock switches it immediately into the best touring rig on the market. My trekkers have been shelved.
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