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I'm not in DC/MD, but some of the areas you are listing are in my range. Timberline, Canaan, Wisp, 7S are all do-able. I could even probably manage Ski-Liberty and Whitetail if I had to.

So whoever's planning the party - let me know!
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I was in Timberlee and Caanan 5 years ago. My opinion this is a boring place. My wife hates this places, because she was pregnant and could not ski this period ... and it was not any other activities around =/. Probably, now we can change our opinions, but we became so lazzy to drive more than 4 hours to ski =).

I agreed about an idea to meet somewhere at February or even March. It will be nice I think. But now is still October =/ (Unfortunatelly)
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http://maps.yahoo.com/dd_result?newaddr=&taddr=&csz=Germantown%2C+MD&cou ntry=us&tcsz=Blue+Knob%2C+PA&tcountry=us

Blue Knob is 2 hour and 45min from Germantown, I think it is pretty central to anyone in the MA. For me its alittle over 2 hours from my house near the Burgh, to about an hour from Hidden Valley.

Once ski season actually start i will make a new thread on here and at Dcski.com. The weather is very important if we go the knob, cause there snowmaking has kinda of sucked in the past and the natural snow terrain is awesome.

FYI You will want AWD/4wd vehicle to get there, the access road on snowy days, should be rated the same difficulty as Extrovert. Studs(and a LSD) on a FWD vehicle are almost must to get up the hill, 4wd or AWD will make it easier. IMO driving up that narrow road is part of the fun, i do alot of it sideways.
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Originally Posted by andrushok
Hi All,
I also have 3 kids (4, 6 and 8 years old) and they are skiiers too.
I'm from NoVa and do a fair amount of local skiing with my kids (....., 2, 4, 7, & 9 year olds). We do day trips to Whitetail, Liberty, and 7 Springs on Sundays during the season. The kids love 7 Springs's ski school. The drive for me to 7 springs is only 3 hrs door to door, and it's all interstate. The lift tickets at 7 Springs are a lot less expensive than Whitetail. The 7 Springs day pass is good from 9am to 7pm at night, so you don't have to leave in the middle of the night to get 8hrs of skiing in.

BTW - On the way home you have to dinner at Hoss's, take the Bedford exit off the Pa Turnpike.

i also recommend you check out www.dcski.com
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I havn't been on in a while.... I couldn't resist chiming in on this one. I live in Annapolis and teach at Liberty. I'm a native Washingtonian, avid Skins fan, and Terp Alum. Welcome Andrushok......

You'll also find Snowcone and occaisionally Shadow on here, but mostly on DCSki. They live in Germantown.

I know you said you have small children... but if you want a week's escape look at this Mammoth trip. It's gonna be great.... http://mysite.verizon.net/vze7hzxt/s...abtowneskiers/

See ya on the slopes soon...... ESB
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