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Solomon Crossmax 10

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Just bought a pair of Solomon Crossmax 10 skis at a Girl Scout Yard Sale for $18. They are in unbelievably great shape. They look like they were skied on very little. They are only 150 cm long, but that is perfect for the purpose, I bought them for when I am patrolling at my little area. I have ruined the backs of several pair of skis with the toboggan running over them as I stand near the back of the handles when I pull it. They have a decent Solomon binding with a din of 12 so they will be fine. The binding length was set for a pair of Solomon boots (model down from mine) with the same sole length as mine so NO RE-DRILLING will be needed.
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Hi Teach,

Is the sidecut a 107-69-102?

Those skis were waiting for you!

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Yes, that's them.

I figured, heck, if I don't like them I can always sell them, right. The price was right though...and my Volkl 6*(161cm actually a little shorter than I would like) are WAY TOO MUCH OF A SKI for Pine Ridge's 200ft vert. I'll keep the Volkls for the mountians!
I also have Rossi Bandit X's (177cm)for the mountains.
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Skiers from the richest country in the world buying $1,000 skis for $18!
What a scandal!
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