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Utah Boot Fitter?

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Hey everyone

I'm looking for a good boot fitter within reasonable driving distance from solitude.
I purchased new boots last season & will need a few tweaks on one of them.
We will probably be skiing Alta/Bird, Solitude, & possibly PC.

Any one?

Thanks a bunch

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Superior at Snowbird has excellent bootfitting services.

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I like the Deep Powder House at Alta. They have three locations there. The original one is right above the Alta Lodge. My wife and I have both bought boots there in the last 3 years, and they are excellent. Can't recommend them enough.

Also have been to the before mentioned Superior at snowbird (for adjustments, not full fitting). They are excellent as well
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Steve Bagley at Superior.
Somedays he may be at Solitude.
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I second the recommendation for Deep Powder House at Alta. My friend and I bought boots there last winter. They were really good. They took the time to asks us questions, and they did a great job. Money well spent.
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I agree....did mine at DPH few years back. Very good and spend a lot of time with you getting it right.
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Thanks for the help.
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Let me also mention "Dude" at Coles at the base of Park City Mtn.
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Hi Ray--

The aforementioned Steve Bagley, who is the proprietor of Superior Ski with shops at Solitude and Snowbird, was the boot and equipment lecturer at the first two EpicSki Academy Utah events. He is very knowledgeable, and from what I can tell, works hard to remain on the cutting edge of boot and fitting technology. Steve has posted here a bit in the past. I'm not sure if he's been around much recently, because I haven't been around much myself!

I'd go see Steve!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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I've been working with John Feig and really like him -- he is PT and takes a bio-mechanics approach, so might be good if you have issues other than just basic fit. IIRC, he's had some involvement w/ HH approach. At base of Big in snowbird raquet club.
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Thanks again for all the posts.

My problem is a simple one (one foot is bigger than the other).

I probably will just need a punch near my left heel, which any of the above mentioned fitters should be able to do.
If that doesn't ease the pain, the hot tub & some goose will.
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