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Volkl vs Atomic

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Epic: You use your Volkl for your single pair travel ski. The G31? What are you stats and what length do you ski the ski in? I ubderstand that the G3 coming out this fall
is slightly softer and wider than the G31 of past year. Volkl will only offer it in a 174, 184 and 191. If you had been happy with the G31 in a 188 would you go to 184 or up to 191? I'm skiing MXP in 188, love em. Thinking about G3 for this year. Thoughts?
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I got my G31 for free, and the only size available was a 198. I'd much rather have a 188. I weigh 185 (although I was more like 200 during the season), and 6'. I'm using a Marker M9.2 EC14, so that has just a little lift. The skis are great, but I think the length is a little too much in crud conditions, so I might get a G3 (or Vertigo Motion) this season. If I do, it will be a 184.
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Epic: My phys. stats are about the same. I'd be concerned that the 184 would not be as stable at speed on groomers/ hard pack as the 191. You know more about skis than I do I'm sure. I'm sure the 184 would crank in the bumps and trees tho. Concern for float in POW?
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