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The deal is done! I got the Canon SD450 - 5 MP, 2.5" screen, optical viewfinder. The price difference between this and the SD550 was larger than I thought. Gotta go out with wifey, more later.
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I'd also suggest that if the battery is a rechargeable, you get one or two spares now. I travel with two spares and keep them in an inner pocket. I also have spare memory cards. I have been known to blow through several memory cards totalling around 500 Meg on a hike.
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Originally Posted by sibhusky
I'd go with the smaller one. I've found that if the camera is easy to have with you, you use it more. The picture quality difference, unless you are a pro, would be undiscernable unless you have a printer than is large enough to print on huge paper. Believe me, my 3 megapixel is enough for my printer to handle and going to 7 would be just overkill.
I concur. I have a G4 and although it is much smaller than my A1, it would be very useful to have a small camera. Unless you are printing larger than 4x6, 4mb is all you need. If you do alot of cropping, you do take advantage of the higher resolution...cropping a small piece of one pic and converting it to 4x6 could also use a higher resolution. My brother in law has the new Sony 5MB and it is the size of my money clip...very attractive. Once you can slip into your pocket, take good pics, with a few decent features and you are set for 90% of your picture taking.

Speed of of the autofocus and how fast you can take pics has been important to me. It is the spec that tells you how fast you can take pictures, not the shutter speed.
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sibhusky and other Bears tuning in, here's the scorecard:

I bought a full GIG of memory and a spare battery. By shutting off the screen and using the optical viewfinder except for showing the movies to students, I can save on battery use. When I use my gift card (see below) I'll apply it against a spare memory card, but probably not a full GIG.

The non-advertised price of the SD550 at Circuit City was $450, while the non-advertized price of the SD450 was $370, for an $80 difference. I could have saved another $35 buying from non-name vendor online, but Circuit City is right here, and I also got a gift card for 5% of my total purchase for the camera, extra battery, and GIG of memory (plus a $20 mail-in rebate on the memory). Because I had a long wait for check-out, they gave me a case for the camera gratis.

As to which of the two models work best with ski gloves on - NEITHER! I'll survive.

So oboe is a happy camper.
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Congratulations Oboe. Now just be sure you don't sneak around taking compromising candid shots of your friends at ETU...
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The shots will not be compromised, but perhaps some of the subjects will be!

Thanks, Richard, and that's not the ONLY news. I'll be in touch.
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You will not be disappointed in the SD450 oboe. That is the camera that I bought also (along with an extra battery and 1 Gig SD card). It (along with a leather case) easily fits into my ski pants and takes great pictures. Congratulations on a great purchase!
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I wondered what they'd done to that 450, as I pawed one in a shop and it was exactly the same as my 400. but someone up above mentioned it zooms while in video mode and that was one big downfall of the 400, it didn't. A good improvement to make.
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The 450 has a 2.5" screen and the 400 has only a 2.0" screen. They sure look different to me!

Yes, I bought a non-leather case, an extra battery and a 1 GB card. Just getting started. WOW!
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