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Look Bindings

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I currently ahve Tyrolia Railflex II bindings on my Fischer skiis. I am thinking about buying Dynastar Contact 9's or Skicross 9's. They come with Look integrated bindings. I trust and have faith in the Tyrolias. I am not sure about Look only because I have never used them.

I have had surgeries on both knees and the bindings working properly is a primary concern/worry. I really do not want to be carried off the mountain because the bindings either pre-released or did not release when they should have.

My guess is that all of the major players' bindings are fine for a middle of the road recreational skier...it's just knee surgery is very painful and the recovery period long.

I went to the three local ski shops and they each have a different opinion on whos bindings are best...I do not care about best, I care about reliable. They all agreed that the Atomic bindings are outdated and need more refinement. I am not trying to start an argument, and since Atomics are not on my list, it doesn't matter, I threw that in to give history to my dilemma.

Thanks in advance,

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I have Look on two pair of skis.
No problem whatsoever.

See the Marker thread.
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Hey Jim!

Scott: I run Looks/Rossis on all my sticks and never have problems.
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I wouldn't worry too much. Look and Rossi bindings overall have a very good reputation. They may not be the most flashy bindings out there, but everyone seems to like (if not love) them.

I ski FX12s on my Fischer RX8s, and really like them, but decided to take the plunge on Rossignol Scratch 120s (which are really similar to Look P12 Jibs I guess) for mounting new twin tips this year, and am really looking forward to getting them out based on what I've heard...

I have been on Rossi demoes a few times also, and had no problems with them and overall liked the feeling.

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Hi Jim,

My family members and I have Tyrolia Railflex 2, Look, Atomics and Markers and all have been 100% reliable when set to DIN standards.

However, if you do not trust a product, your concerns will reduce your enjoyment on the slopes. Why worry? Just pick out a Head or Fischer Railflex equiped model, such as Head XRC or Fischer RX or Race SC skis. These are available with Railflex 2. You might be able to recycle your existing bindings too!

Best regard,

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I have had major knee reconstruction... 20 some years ago I had a fall where my Salomon 555 bindings did not release and I thought I blew my knee out again... I ended up retireing my skis because I started to favor my knee and figured it wasn't worth the risk after that recent experience... well, after all this time off I got back into the sport because my kids were taking up snowboarding... after talking with a few reputable shops, they recommended the Look Pivot series (P10, P12 & P14) for those of us looking for knee protection... I did take a spill last year where I felt the pressure on the binding load up and then released... worked just like it was supposed too and took all my concerns away about my bindings not releasing like they had in the past... I think bindings have come a long way in the last 20 years.

I think Line has a binding that may offer better knee protection (at least their advertising and demo video demonstrate that), but I think the Look Pivot is a very good binding for your concerns.
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They probably have the safety equipment
you need. Buy the video.
Look/Rossi Axial bindings changed this year.
They no longer have a turntable heel, other
than their Racing bindings.
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