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Disc Nucleoplasty

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I have had herniated discs in my low back for several years, and unfortunately, my episodes of back muscle spasms or the dreaded “slipped disc” have occurred more often this year than in the past. I've been disciplined about the traditional conservative treatments -- I have gone to physical therapy, I do everything my PT tells me to do, I have taken a lot of yoga classes when my back feels okay and I do all the exercises I learned in PT on a daily basis.

My doc recently prescribed an epidural. I am hopeful it will help and allow me to get in shape for the upcoming ski season, but I am concerned the relief will be temporary.

My doc has also discussed “disc nucleoplasty”. The procedure has been around for about five years and is much less invasive than surgery. However, I am concerned that the RF heat introduced in the disc could further dry out the disc and make matters worse. Most insurance carriers consider disc nucleoplasty experimental and will not cover it.

I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has had this procedure, how long ago they had it and how they feel now -- particularly their ability to ski pain free. Thanks.
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Didn't have the procedure. Husband had traditional surgery, discectomy/laminectomy. Turned out great (so far). However, go for the epidural first for sure. No telling how long it will last. Husband had it for cervical disc and it's lasted going on five years now. Did not work for another disc. It's not predictable, but well worth avoiding surgery if it does work, even if you have to do it every six months.

Look into spinal microsurgery. There are alot of different options out there. Some people do not like the heating of the discs and there are other methods.

Google microspine or spine microsurgery and you will get a whole bunch of neweletters, associations, etc. But go for the epidural first. It could prove the cure.

Good luck!!!!
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another vote for micro-discectomy

Had a micro-disc ectomy 6 years ago. 1" scar, out of the hospital same day.

No further problems since.
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