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Hey all,

I use Neutrogena 30. But, if I put some on my forehead, then sweat, it stings my eyes.

Would like to find out what the consensus is on "the best sunscreen" -- protection, and that doesn't sting the eyes.

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try Coppertone Waterbabies SPF45.

It is waterproof, doesn't run and is sensitive enough for a baby. It also lasts a long time with minimal reapplication.

I have ultra senitive skin, so I can't use the adult formula. Plus, much like baby shampoo, if it gets in your eyes, it doesn't sting (Don't know about the adult version)

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I vote for Coppertone too. I've never used the "Waterbabies" product but have used the "Sports" adult version.

Hate it when that stuff runs in your eyes!
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I could never work out why they can make Kids screen that doesn't sting but adults that does. Do they put the sting in our take it out? Same for shampoo. What is going on there?

#1 is Coppertone Sport SPF48. Personally tested in many snow and water situations. Goes on "dry" does not run. The kids like it because it is easy to apply and it maintains my freckles in optimum condition.

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Most sunscreens that sting the eyes contain PABA. This was especially common in the 80's and early 90's. Many brands now use more modern ingredients that don't sting. Some even say "no PABA" on the front label.

My vote also goes to the Coppertone Sport lotion. It's virtually sweat/water proof, doesn't sting, and is non-greasy. I usually use the SPF 30. It will keep you from looking like this... [img]redface.gif[/img]
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My favorite is bull frog quik gel. It dries quickly and is not greasy. And it works!
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Coppertone it is -- thanks!
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One day last spring it was really sunny at Lake Louise and I didn't have any of my own so I bought "Snik" from the shop(it was all they had). On the label it says "Full spectrum sunscreen. SPF 15. Block out the burning rays leaving you honey bronzed and very very, desirable!"
It notes "avoid contact with eyes" so I wouldn't suggest it, but it's pretty funny how they advertise it!
I think it's from Austria or something!
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"#1 is Coppertone Sport SPF48. " --Oz

I just came from King Stupors. Got hooked up with the Coppertone.

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