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Jackson, WY this weekend...hiking suggestions?

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Heading to Jackson, WY this weekend w/ the Mrs. Looking to do a day hike Saturday and possibly a shorter hike Sunday morning. Any suggestions? (paging Bob Peters) Also, how far is it Grand Teton NP (I know it's big but somewhere in the southern park)?
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My fav day hike is to the summit of Jackson Peak where you bag a peak get a great view of Jackson Hole and the Tetons before you. It sounds abit daunting but it's pretty easy. From the trailhead to town of Jackson is about 4 miles. This is not in GTNP, it's on the east side of the valley.

In the park there are so many. An easy hike is to Taggart Lake. It's not very steep and the view of the Grand Teton right above you is breathtaking. It's a 2/3 mile hike. Wherever you go stop at Dornan's on the way out for some libation and one of the best views in the valley. The main entrance of the park(Moose) is about 10 miles from town, the Taggart Lake trailhead is a couple of miles further.
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thanks JH. how long a hike is Jackson Peak?
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Taggert Lake is a good one. If the weather is a bit cool/cold/sleety/snowy, you might be better off with a valley hike. Along the lines of Taggert Lake (and these are all in the park):

Hermitage Point. Leave from Colter Bay (a half hour drive from park entrance). Flat hike to Jackson Lake with excellent views of Mt. Moran framed by golden cottonwoods and willows. A good half day hike.

String Lake/ Leigh Lake/ Jenny Lake. Depending on time, distance, and combinations, this could be a nice half day or a pretty full day hike. Many options. One would be to start from String Lake parking, head north to Leigh Lake along shore of STring Lake (beautiful), back to sign pointing to Paintbrush Canyon, head west (right) then take the left trail to Jenny Lake. You could loop back to parking at this point or continue along west side of Jenny Lake to Cascade Canyon. From here you can go west to Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point for great views of lake and valley. To make it a full day, you could continue up Cascade for a few miles looking for moose and perhaps a black bear. Return along Jenny Lake to String Lake parking.

Hikes with more UP to them would include the aforementioned Cascade Canyon all the way to Lake Solitude. In summer, this is filled with people, but I'm sure that it will be very quiet in October. Start from Jenny Lake parking, hike around lake (in summer a ferry boat service is operating but I suspect they've closed for the season) then continue about 8.5 miles up canyon. Lake Solitude is very pretty with some excellent views of the back of Mt. Owen, Teewinot, and The Grand.

Another killer UP hike is Ampitheater Lake. Start from the Lupine Meadow parking. Starts out nice, then goes up with lots-o-switchbacks. The rewards are fantastic views of the valley and Surprise and Ampitheater Lakes. This would be a full day hike as well.

Have fun.
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Great info. Thanks Bill.
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Originally Posted by chriscam
thanks JH. how long a hike is Jackson Peak?
Around 3 miles depending on where you park. When you get to Goodwin Lake you hike up to the ridge at the base of Jackson PK for a nice view of the Tetons. You continue up the easy ridge about an hour to summit.

As Bill mentioned this is a perfect time to hike up there. If you find yourself downtown check out Gifts of the Earth.
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