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Mounting Bindings - Dynastar Legend Pro

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I just picked up a new pair of last year's Dynastar Legend Pros and noticed that, unlike every other pair of skis that I own there is no mark (centerline?) on the ski's sidewall or topsheet to aid in positioning a binding. My old Dynastars have a conspicuous line across the sidewall and my Fischer's have triangular mark. Although I'm no expert at mounting bindings, this seems odd. Is this something I need to be concerned about when I bring the skis in to have the bindings mounted?
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not if you take them to a Dynastar dealer....this is from memory:
186cm=boot center mount should be 80.5cm from the tail with a straight tape
194cm=boot center mount should be 84.5cm from the tail with a straight tape

on TGR/powdermag/biglines.com and possibly here if you do a search you should find the info, remember that like DH/SG boards the LP is a race room ski and there will rarely be mount marks on them....
and congrats you just bought the BEST big fat ski available....
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In the sidewall...?

I believe if you look at the sidewall of the ski you should feel a small rod like bump thing that indicates the center mark for the ski. The same scary question haunted me not long ago. Hope this helps
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that bump is there to center the graphic/line up the topsheet and may not be the mounting mark fwiw....
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79.5cm with tape pressed against the tail the whole way. This is the spot. All kinds of threads on this at TGR.
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Forget the manufacturer's recommended midsole mark. It's an average position based on average skier measurements. If you're not average (and who's to say what the manufacturer considers average) then you're much better off using the Ball of Foot (BOF) method. Just use the search engine if you're not familiar with this method to determine a good mounting position. Even better is a Campbell Dynamic Ski Balancer, but they are very rare (I haven't found one yet at any of the shops I have in my area).
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" is a Campbell Dynamic Ski Balancer" that may have worked back in the day when skis were 210cm long, now i'm not so sure but if you want to go for it there is a guy in Calagary who swears by it...Lous performance or something like that....
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I recently came across a pair of pros that are mounted with freerides 76.2cm from the tail. He said he did it himself for a 314mm/27.0 boot. Is this a normal range or did he mount them pretty far back?
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I don't remember where mine are mounted but here's a synopsis from TGR Forum's posts on this from the 04 05 season

Dynastar Legend Pro 186cm mounting

Some posts say 80.5cm with tape measure pressed against the ski the whole way is the rec point, so you should go 79.5cm.

according to the du\ynastar rep i got 'em from
78cm or so is far back powder stance,
82 is gs race stance...
went right between 'em (80)

I have mine at 79.5 and definitely think this is the all around spot. The skis are stiff and I don't like the idea of too much tail behind me. If I were going to be using them as powder specific, I'd go another 1cm back. But I'm not, so I think 79.5 is right on. However, if you're more jib-centric (which I'm not) and feel more comfortable with a centered mount, then I'd go with an 80.5cm+ mount.

I mounted mine at 80.5 cm from the tail with a flat tape. I like a strong tail kick, and they certainly provide it.

On what dynastar is saying,
79.5 is the currently recommended mounting point

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