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Snowmass Tickets

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We are pass holders at Copper/WP, so its been a while since we have shelled out big bucks for tickets. Taking the fam to Snoemass in March for a week. Are there any dicounts to be had for smowmass ticket? Anyone . . .Anyone . . . . . . . . .Beuler.

Any advice would help, Thanks.
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Gold C Entertainment, coupon book. You can buy them @ the local Safeway for $10.00 The 2005-2006 issue should be out soon.
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Is there still a discount at Gart Brothers in Glenwood? (Been a while since I skied the Aspen area)
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Classic Pass: $139 for 4 days, $219 for 7. Check Christy's for sale dates.
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Thanks, looks like the classic pass will be the way to go.
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The classic pass is a good deal, especially for the really busy weekends along the front range.

Pay the extra $5 for the chip and you never even have to take it out of your pocket.
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It looks like you have to be there in person to buy the pass - anyone know of a way around this?
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If you buy any season pass you can add a classic. I bought my groms Highlander passes last year for $400. Then up to 30 days at Highland or Buttermilk is $10, after 30 its becomes a full season. They ended up with 10 days at AH/BM and 7 on Ajax. Once you have the pass you can renew on line.

If that doesn't work for you perhaps you could book an early season cheap ticket into Denver 11/19-20, ski a little front range and get the pass the last weekend they sell them.
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