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P50 motion or P50 platinum with Piston Control

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I am in the market for a nice GS/all mountain ski this season. I am still thrilled by the P40's i demo'ed last season, so it is going to be a P50.
Volkl is offering the P50 motion as a system with the Marker 1400 binding, and the same ski as the P50 energy, i believe, where you can install your binding of choice.
I am leaning towards the P50 as a ski and put the Marker 1200 Piston Control on it, for the following reasons:
1. My DIN setting is around 6.5, very low in the 1400's range.
2. I demo'ed last season's Pilot system, and concluded this system was mainly a marketing effort to get people to buy new skies (or systems), rather than an actual improvement. That's been on Salomon SKIs however, which i do not like that much to begin with.
3. You cannot get the new Piston Control system with the motion system, correct? I actually want to try out the Piston Control, and see what it does (and what not). I have the Selective Control system on a pair of Slaloms. It hardly does anyting functional except creating offset. I talked to a guy who came to the same result, but he ranted about the Piston Control system, so i am curious.
4. When you brake the ski, you have to replace it with the system, because the binding won't fit a regular ski

I appreciate your opinions!
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Can't comment much on the P50 Motion - haven't skied it yet. Reviews indicate that there is a very big difference between the Motion and the regular P50, so demoing the P40 might not tell you much at all about this year's Motion. Likewise, the Pilot is a very different ski than the P40 and won't tell you much about the Motion either. If you liked the P40 so much, and disliked the Pilot, why not get a new pair of the P40's for considerably less money than a new pair of P50's? There seem to be lots of P40's still available, at least everything but the P40 Platinum. I believe you could still put the new Marker Piston on the P40.

Just a thought....
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This year's Platinum is slightly wider at the tip and tail, narrower under foot, and a little softer (so I've been told) than than last year's (i.e. making it a different ski). I have been told that the P50 Motion, and the P50 Platinum are the same ski (to each other) with the integrated binding being the difference. I've decided to not listen to the marketing hype and bought the P50 Platinum with the 1200 Piston. The truth will be in the skiing of them, and eventually demoing the Motion for comparison. Now, if we would only get some cold air around here so the mountain can make some snow!!!!!!!!
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The piston system is aimed at the intermediate leval and lower adv.it is to reduce viabration at the point of changing edges,but reports from Killington(early opening and people skiing it)say they do feel a more solid on edge ,but did not feel any difference in the transition ,but were they skiing Volkl? Volkl and Atomic have the best grip ,like a train going around a bend, they do not slip.So-if you like the p-50 or p-40 or the P-30 then the only thing you need to look at is --unhindered flex/ so you can flex the ski with out any stiffness under foot. If you have a size 23 mondo there is not going to be that much restriction.To get the most free flex under foot --this years 1200 and above have a floating toe that gives you the same free float that the Tyrolia cybers have given you for the last 6 years(they have a floating heel)this is what the motion serise does . The binding on the motion is mounted with one bolt and slides on a rail, ---------------------------------------------------------------------this is stupid-A VOLKL(P-40/P-50 )DOES NOT SLIP SO WHY DO YOU NEED ANTI VIBRATION /DAMPING SYSTEM?? If you like the Volkl( I only found one Volkl that chattered and that was the P-30 ultras and that was thier bump ski) just put a free flex binding Tyrolia or the new marker so you can get the most out of the ski when you put the G force in it.---If you are going with the P-50 platinum or higher and like the feel of the acceleratiion ,make sure put a lifter in-We put a 23mm lifter on the p-40 and every one that buys them wants the same lifter.I apolgize for my verbosity.
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Why would the Piston Piston control be marketed to low level skiiers but only be available on high end bindings?
Doesn't make sense.
A low level skiier doesn't bend or edge a ski hard enough to cause vibrations large enough to need PC's.
Any ski subjected to the right frequency will vibrate.
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LOW-ADVANCED and intermediate --not beginer-remember there are piston/markers above the 1200 that have a higher DIN and the same biometric toe and more features. The 1200 is the bottom line of the piston group and it is geared for the "terminal intermidiate"and it will help.YET! think what would this binding do for a Volkl P-50 F1-can you get up to speed so you will have vibration?
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This has been an interesting discussion. I bought the 1200 Piston on the advice of both my S.S. Director (Level 3 PSIA, whom I've trained with alot), and my boot fitter (an ex race coach who has also seen me ski). I'm a level 8 (just passed my level 2 exam) skier. Not what I'd term a terminal intermediate. BTW the S.S. Director does happen to be our Volkl rep.
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Thanks for your thoughts!
DONDA has a good point: Why damp what's not vibrating to begin with. Holding the line regardless of the actual edge pressure was one of the nice features of the P40. And i just do not rip as hard as WC pro's do.
I gave one of my old ski shops back in Germany a call. I was lucky they had a P50 at all. The other shop i called alreay ran out of them. So i ended up with a 178 P50 Motion which they put aside so i can pick it up in the week before Christmas. Price is right, too. Got it for DEM 1621 w/ a Marker 1200. That's $619 without the 16% sales tax - in other words: a real bargain.
And that's the most expensive ski where they make at least a little bit money. The dealer margins are at the bottom there for a couple of years now, so they are selling skis like fish on the market.
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