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Listed sidecut dimensions

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Anybody know? Are listed sidecut dimensions out of the mold numbers, before factory stoning,grinding or filing?It seems to me that (Volkl) numbers on in the shop skis are smaller than listed???
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I always thought that side cut was a matter of drawing a line from tip to tail then measuring from that line to the waist and that or the double of that was the side cut, but this is not the case.
it has to do with measuring the width of the tip and the width of the tail and width of the waist. Then computing this with some algebraic formula which renders the side cut dimention. This came from Steve Marks, K2 NW sales rep. He coldn't remember the formula off hand. If youi come up with it, let me know! Bob

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The formula equates to figuring out the radius, os opposed to the sidecut. The sidecut is just the difference in the measurements of the tip, waist and tail. The radius, is as if the ski were sitting flat on a hard surface, and an circle were drawn using the side of the ski. The more you bend the ski, the smaller the radius of the turn gets. And most skis, unless truly parabolic, have a different radius from waist to tip than they do from waist to tail. I think the manufacturers use the average of the two when they list the skis turn radius.
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John, are you saying that the dimension really is meaningless? Because when tipped on edge, even slightly, there will be some bend to the ski which will decrease the radius. If this is true, how is a meaningful figure obtained?
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No, I'm not saying it's meaningless. I'm just stating how it's determined. The problem is when people say that a ski has X meter radius, and therefore, will only make X radius turns. That statement is never true. If a ski has a 20 meter radius profile, you could never even make a carved turn 20 meters in radius because you can't carve a flat ski. However, that same ski could make a 6 meter radius turn (a 12 meter diameter circle is about 36 feet?) fairly easily (I've made 1.5-2 meter radius turns on my 150s, which have an 11M radius construction). Certainly, the smaller the radius (or the larger the "sidecut"), the tighter a ski can carve an arc. However, it's all very much affected by how stiff the ski is, how heavy the skier is, how technically proficient the skier is, how fast the skier skis when carving turns, the conditions du jour, etc. What you need to do, is get out on a ski of X meter radius (or Xmm sidecut), and of X stiffness (not that there is a standard of measurement for that, but that's a seperate discussion), and determine what you like. That way, you can compare one ski's construction to others without having to try every damn ski out there, because you know, in general, what you like and don't like. Basically, it all becomes somewhat relative, and the dimentions allow you to relate to experience on other skis. Then throw in the radius or sidecut of the tail dimentions, and you have more to confuse the situation.
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Thanks, John. That clears some things up for me. Like, for example, on my 21 meter radius skis, when I do a pure carved turn, it certainly seems like it's smaller than 21 meters (65 feet! And to link complete turns, at least 130 feet! How many trails are that wide?). Made me wonder if I was really carving. I had always thought (and I believe I read this in a magazine) that it was the MINIMUM radius you could carve, with the ski at a 45 degree edge angle, and bent as far as it would go. Silly, huh. So maybe the figure is not meaningless, but certainly misleading in the way skis are advertised.
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BTW, Ryan and I enjoyed the last weekend of skiing here in LA. Did you make it out here?
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Now I remember, it was from the infamous "It's OK to Skid" article in Snow Country a few years ago!
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No. The last time I was out there was for 1 day back in January(?) (the day I drove up to Baldy). I don't think I'll make it out there for a loong time, because we vacated the facility we had there. So unless there is some need for me to go to our corporate facility in Redondo (in my 6 years here, I haven't had a need to yet), I don't know if or when I'll make it back out to LA.
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