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I miss....

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Marker Rotomats. The kind you latched yourself, not the step in BS they started making in the mid 90's. I just picked up a unused pair of Twincam MR's and mounted them on my Stealths. I cant wait to latch in. When Marker started getting away from this design is when they started goin down hill, and I don't mean that in a good way.

What do you miss? and don't say $__.00 lift tickets or food. Leave inflation and prices out of it. Too easy.
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The Explodomats? You like(d) them? I remember trying to rebuild the damn things in the starting corral at many downhills. Another great feature was that you could ski up to your buddy and, with a good aim, whack the release button with your ski pole. Funny when standing still, but hilarious when actually skiing. I was at both ends of the comedy.

In hind sight, there is nothing that I had back then that I would want now. Refinements to most equipment pieces has generally made it much better. What was made worse due to re-tinkering-with I don't use or care about.

The one item that is forever gone is my Jaw Guard from my Uvex helmet. It was painted with bloodied fangs. A downhill crash at about 120km/h busted it into about 1000 pieces, but it did save my dental work. I don't really miss it, but it was cool. I much prefer my Briko Carbon Kevlar Windshape I have now.
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In the 70s we mounted some skis with Look toes and Marker Rotomat heels (the old Marker toes really sucked). Made for a very light set-up and worked really well.
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I miss being small, or even average sized! Being 6'3", 230lbs makes everything harder!
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My rope tow grabber.

$5 Lift/Lesson/Lunch at Timber Hill.

63 Corvair with the rear seat removed to hold more ski junk.

Susie ...... hope wife doesn't see this

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