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Several years ago Atomic purchased Dynamic....I noticed that this year Dynamic has skis with the Atomic binding and one ski particularly seems to be a knock off of Atomic Metron, quite a few $$ less..... I do not remember the style number or the specs...it does have the Atomic binding plate..and it seems to be the same configuration as the Metron...

.Can any one offer more info.....Thanks, Larry C
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What ski are you refering to that is a Metron knockoff? Looking a the line-up and talking to the rep, I do not know of one in the line that is Metron-like.
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Some of the skis look like they have beta lobes.

So how much $$$ less are we talking about with these models.

Also who is even carrying them?
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The purchase was 1983.

In the late 1990s all Dynamic skis were exactly siblings to corresponding Atomic models. Now not anymore.
The only ski corresponding dimension-wise with a Metron would be Dynamic T12 (Atomic M:8 PULS) though according to the catalogs it´s not absolutely precise:
113-72-101(168cm/16m vs. 114-72-102/168cm/16m.

Atomic bindings on Dynamic skis have been standard since the sets began to spread in the late 90s.
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C-Racer Thanks for your informative response. Can you compare the two skis on a construction/ performance basis...Just on a superficial judgemental basis--it looks like atomic has made a good marketing move by knocking themselves off with out degrading the original.....Please PM me if you choose...thanks---Larry C
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Sorry Lary,

There´s hardly anything I could tell you about those two skis. I only have the catalogs which are not very informative but they let me compare the dimensions. That´s why I wrote "... corresponding dimension-wise". I even don´t know if they are the same or similar skis. I haven´t demoed either of them.
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Is there a Dynamic powder ski the size of the M:EX? I see the XR37 for 03/04?
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Originally Posted by comprex
Is there a Dynamic powder ski the size of the M:EX? I see the XR37 for 03/04?
No. The widest ski is T22: 116-78-105/177cm/20m.

The old XR37 was basically Atomic R:EX (lacking 198cm). It didn´t survive 03/04.
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C-Racer---I think that I`m moving away from the Metron---It`s so dam heavy I think that I better hire a sherpa to help me carry the dam thing....seriously, it is probably great on groomed slopes---but if want to ski groomers plus outside the envelope, it may be dificult to release at turn initiation-----
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