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Sizing on Rossignol R2002 Plug boots

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I am looking at ordering the Rossi plug race boot on line. The sizing is in a different format than I have seen before. The sizing is 030, 040, 050 up to 100. I am currently on the Technica xt plug boot that has a 286 sole. How does the Rossi sizing relate to sole size??
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the 3 is a 266 mm shell
the 4 is a 275 mm shell

the 6 is a 291 mm shell

not too sure what the 5=, but I think that is your ticket!
(these # are from freinds in the rossi/lange plug)
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5 should be 282 or 283
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Thanks for the replies. I checked with the Rossi Race Shop and they are contacting the Rossi area rep for info. Do either of you use the Rossi plug R2002 and know how the sizing runs ie. a 291 snug or loose on a size 7 or 7.5 street shoe?

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291(size 6) would be snug in 7/7.5 street shoe(my size by the way) if you are racing(real racing where you train for maybe 6-8 runs and then go do weights and stuff ) you could probably wear the 6 with some grind/stretch work(some meaning lots)
if you just want the plug to be the cool guy on the hill and are skiing all day/all mountain then you might want to consider the 7/7.5 plug to take advantage of the xtra space in the liner for some insulative qualities
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I'm a full time instructor and teach all ages and levels. For my personal skiing, I do some club racing, bump skiing and just plain ripping. I am in a 5 1/2 (EU) now and used to a snug fit and love the performance. So from what you are saying the 060, (291) would be very snug or the 070 would be a little spacious. Thanks!

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this is one of those "i haven't seen your feet" moments
i wear a 7-7.5 shoe in everything (cleats/dress shoes/trainers/hiking boots etc) in cleats i can wear adidas or GAIA(hey i play ultimate what can i say) i cannot wear NIKE(to much volume except for maybe speed TDs)
in the old days i wore a sz 7 flexon comp(293mm boot sole) when i worked for rossi i wore a sz 7 course kx (294mm boot sole)
now i work for LANGE and for my everyday(ski and possibly stand on the side of a course or under a tent in Canadian winter seriously -30*C some day) boot i am in a Comp 120 LF sz 7(299mm boot sole) with a foam liner.
My foot is relatively low volume, medium arch, high instep, very narrow heel/ankle up to a semi sprinters calf(hey i play ultimate).
what i know about plugs is any thing can be made to fit(i have done it)...i personally can wear the sz 6(282mmish BS ZB/ZB flex) when it is shell fit my foot touches everywhere there is a bump when the liner is in i'm good for about 4 runs of GSey turns if it isn't really cold(this in a boot that hasn't been punched or ground...)
in the sz 7 (298mmish BS ZB/ZB flex) plug i can wear the boot til noon again if it isn't really cold (again no punching/grinding)
with my own boots all day skiing or standing not an issue

you said "060, (291) would be very snug or the 070 would be a little spacious"

i never used spacious when refering to anybodies plug boot, ever...
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You don't want to rely to much on sole lengths. They're usually close but there is no guarantee on that. The Lange's went to longer sole lengths when they started with the detchable sole lugs (comp series). It sounds like the Rossi plug boot has moved to the american sizing as opposed to mondo point which rossi generally uses. Lange has used this sizing for years and my guess is the Rossi plugs have now picked it up as well.

Check this link to get an idea how american sizing corresponds to mondo point. There is a rough formula but it varies into smaller sizes quite a bit. You want to pay more attention to the conversion and trying the boots on your feet than the sole lengths.
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Thanks again for the help waxman and L7. What wax do you rep? I am the area rep for stuntwax and was wondering if you have tried it?

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no wax, in a former life i was a tech...
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Nice find on the chart, it is much more realistic the the other charts I've seen where size 10=280 MP, 9=270...
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