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Hey Taichiskiing.....

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I feel a little badly about somer of the ribbing and insults hurled here, including some attempts at humor by me. Sorry, nothing personal.

There are a lot of other ski forums, some of which are not so wedded to traditional technique.

You should try here.
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The cross post at TGR was edited. My original comments are no longer relevant.
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Deep down Irul is pure "gapic" material. He loves us, but when he posts at TGR he must show a certain amount of disdain towards Epic, otherwise he won't be accepted.
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Yeah, I know and it really doesn't bother me. Irul is even a epic supporter and has been here forever. He is not the only one to regularly post here and throw down insults over at TGR. Just seems weak to have to rely on epic bashing to fit in with a bunch of teen and 20 somethings, a few of which, actually have skiing ability that exceeds the size of their mouth.

Edit: some comments have been removed because the TGR thread was edited, and this is no longer relevant. Problem solved.
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Jeeze....like "gapic" or AISP (which is a play on a certain well known abbreviation) are new new terms.

But for you cirque, and those 160 cm. monsters you ride, I'll tone it down. Go see.

I'm a gaper....always will be, and actually, a lot of the people at TGR (not including me) ski even better than they talk.
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Jeeze, now I gotta go back and edit out all my ga's
And quit shrinking my already short skis. My daughter is depending on those.
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