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creating a quiver

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I've been looking to add another ski to compliment the elan s10 (176) I already have. I ski mostly in Michigan but will be out west about 15 days this year. Because of the western trips I'm looking for a ski with a little more width than the 68cm of the s10. I'm also looking for something stiffer than the s10 because I'm 6'2 215 and find it slightly soft. I've been sking for about 10 years and like steeps and bowls the best. Some skis that have caught my attention are the elan 666, volkl 724 pro/ext, AC4, and metron M:11. I would still like to use these skis in the east so nothing too fat. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks.
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bump...I'd really appreciate any advice from those who've tried many skis in this catagory. I've seen many posts about mid-fats, but I'm looking for something stiff and somewhat GS oriented. I skied the 724 pro's and really like them, but question the more back country ability of the ski. Also, I have no idea what length would be best for my ability/size. Any suggestions would really help.
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Look into the Dynastar 8000 or Head Monster iM 75 Chip or iM 77 Chip. I'm a big guy (220#) also and you need 75mm wide at the waist or more to float in western soft snow. These two skis are also solid groomed snow performers.

Hope that helps,

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I can relate to this. I was in your position 2 year ago - I had Elan S12 176, and was looking for a wider pair. I ended up with Head Monster iM85 in 186 and couldn't be happier. I initially though they would be too wide, but found them to be excellent performers in almost any conditions. The new iM88 is supposed to be even better - I would give them a try.
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At your size and the type of skiing you like I would add one of the following to your quiver (in no particular order):
1. Volkl Unlimited AC4
2. Atomic Metron M:EX
3. Blizzard Titan Eight
4. Dynastar Legend 8000
5. Volant Machete Sin (if you could still find some at the right length)

You could still have some fun with these when you're not out West and they'll give you decent performance in softer deeper snow when you are.

If you want to stay with Elan I think you'll need to go bigger and get the M777 (but if you consider that then you should open up your choices to whole bunch of other skis that are around the 90mm waist mark).
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