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Anyone want any of these? Cleaning out the closets.....

To me, I would call these vintage, and some are obvious collectors' items, especially as rock skis, groomer skis, or early season assault weapons...

If anyone wants them, send me a PM with an offer...I not expecting huge profits here by any means. $50+shipping (approx $10-20) depending on where you live from SF, CA.

1) Atomic Arc 24 - 203 cm *MINT*
2) Dynastar Powertrac - 178 w/ salomon lifter. *One ski is bent in the shovel pretty dramatically from the red dynastar logo*
3) Dynastar G9 - 206 cm - *MINT*

All "were" drilled with Salomon S900/997 bindings (except for te G9's), and have excellent bases.