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Tecnica Hotform revisited (first...)

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I went back and read the threads in the archive regarding Tecnica's Hotform liners and I was unable to find any specific opinions about the liners.

So my question is ... these things have been on the market for a few years now. Are they worth the extra $100? Does anyone have any experience or opinions?

Do you really gain some additional control and energy transfer like Tecnica says you do or is it just a marketing gimmick?

Honestly I could care less about being able to heat the boots up in the car or by plugging them in at night. I'm purely interested in function and fit.

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When I got my Icon Alu Comps last year I went for the non-hotform.
They came with heel shims and shin shims which means you can custom fit them relatively well.
Having been to the academy last year, I think my next move would be for custom liners, but I'm very happy with the tight fit I have now, so until the standard liners start to go, I won't be changing them.

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When I bought mine last March my boot fitter would not let me get the hot forms. He said they where having issues with them changing shape's as they got hot at different times. He told me that with the high number of days that I ski, that was not a boot he would recommend for me.

I'm happy with the performance gains over my Explosion 8's they were so comfortable that I hated to give them up. But now I'm glad I did. They had over 250 day's on them.
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I like my Hot Forms and I ski about 30 days per year. I also like that I can plug them in after skiing and dry them out and then heat them up in the morning and slide into warm boots all with the built in Hot Form system. I think the fit is really great and comfort has been the best I ever had in a boot but they are still really responsive! I think they are worth the extra money. I think that you should try them on and see what you think!

I am happy with mine!

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Thanks for the comments. I think I'm going to go with the standard liner for now and then next year maybe I'll get a custom liner or upgrade to the hotform.
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