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Gold Miners Daughter at Alta??

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I am looking for opinions on people who have stayed and/or worked here. I will be finishing up a graduate degree within the next month and am planning on moving to SLC for the winter.

I had applied for a job at the GMD hotel, just when I was about to give up I get the call yesterday and they want me to start November 15 as a dining room server.

I had planned on getting a night/part time job and working down in the valley somewhere but this sounds like a pretty good gig that I could not pass up.

Work will be full time (they said 30-35 hrs a week) with 2 shifts a day breakfast 7-10 and dinner 4/5 - 9, 5 days a week and 2 full days off.

Job includes room and board at the hotel, alta season pass (I can upgrade to an alta/bird pass for $200 more), $500/month salary plus any tips I bring in.

I am thinking this would be a sweet set up mainly because I will be on the mountain and will not have to drive/ride the bus in everyday and my work shifts allow for significant ski time each day as well as 2 full days off each week.

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Upgrade your pass.
I'll be there for a beer or three at some point during the ESA.
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Go for it.

It doesn't look like my brother is moving out there this winter, but his friend might. Are they still looking for more people?

Did you go to the GT/VT game this weekend? I heard when they posted the UNC/NCSU score there, the stadium went dead quite from the shock that we could play them so close, then lose to UNC.
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Oh, and upgrade the pass...
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No I did not have a ticket so I watched at a Bar. I was planning on coming down to Raleigh for the NCSU/UNC game but did not make it (which turned out to be a good thing...I would have been even more pissed if I had to drive 4 hrs after watching that game).

I am not sure if they are looking for others but the lady I spoke with seemed eager to hire me so they may need other people.
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The game was even worse in person. Between punches being thrown during the game, the pre-game fight, and the lack on control by the refs, it was one of the most miserable game day experiences ever.
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I will be staying at GMD January 22-28th. Maybe we can take a few runs in.

good luck.
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I stayed at the GMD a few years back. Great spot. Closest to the lifts. The wait staff there seemed pretty stoked (and this was in April - end of a long season). They convinced me to skip my first year of college and work there the following year. Unfortunately, my parents made me an offer I couldn't refuse and I declined the offer. I still have mixed emotions about that decision.

DO IT! And upgrade the pass. The main downfall is the lack of nightlife up there, but it seemed like many of the employees had transportation to go down into the valley for the SLC version of nightlife.

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BigBadWolf, does that $200 get you access to the Tram @ Snowbird?

I've been looking at jobs posted on SBs website, and after an email found out that their $200 upgrade to an AltaBird pass still does not get you access to the Tram. They will not allow anyone who works for them with less than 2 years of experience access to the Tram unless their job requires it.

Can any locals confirm this???
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Hmmm that is a good point. I am not sure as to the details of the pass. I'll definatly ask though. Since I will be working at alta they may do the upgrades differently than snowbird.

I think I will have enough terrain to keep me occupied regardless if the tram is included or not. It has been several years since i've skied alta/bird but from the looks of it you could probably access the top of snowbird about as quick using the quad lift and taking little cloud. From my experience skiing jackson and other tram resorts...tram lines can get pretty rediculous. What is your take on this?

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Without the tram, you will miss out on Great Scott and all those nice chutes off of it.
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You can still get to Great Scott by taking the Little Cloud lift up then hiking the 50' or so up to the Tram, or you can take the Mineral Basin Express back up, then ski right into Great Scott.

So you can get to all of the terrain without the Tram, but on a powder day it will frustrate the crap out of you.
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Nothing is faster than the tram when its not crowded.
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Go for it. It's a whole different thing living at Alta. SLC is just Omaha with mountains nearby. Alta is a piece of heaven. And you'll get fresh tracks all the time. Upgrade the pass.
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Hey You are only young once Do it! Take the Snowbird pass I mean for $200.00 why not? Might as well ski your brians out, becuse the chances of finding a girl friend at Alta to hang with are pretty slim.
Mr Crab Omaha with mountains? How dare you insult Omaha like That.
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Thanks for the advide everyone....thats the plan right now. I have been limited to 10-15 days of skiing the past several years since I have been in school on the east coast. I would like to ski 100+ days this season.

I am sure trips to Park City will be in order for improved night life. I am driving out but I am struggling to find a place to park my car for the winter.

Are there parking lots at the base of the canyon I could pay and leave it for the winter?? That way I could ride the bus down whenever I want to go into SLC or venture to Park City/ other resorts.
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Does anyone know if they allow you to park overnight in the lots at teh base of the canyons?

I thought the Grizz lot allowed overnight parking as well. Maybe I am mistaken, or maybe I have been getting too late a start on my PM hikes...
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Doesn't the Cliff Lodge at Snowbird have Valet parking as well?

"Yes sir. I will pay $20 to park my car. Thanks. I'll be back in 1 month to pick it up."

I guess this begs the question of what kind of car do you drive as well. If I still drove my old POS Honda I would not mind leaving it in an open lot for a few days, but I would not leave my WRX there now.
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People park their cars up on the main road behind Deep Powder House. There is a row there that allows overnight parking but I have no idea who gets those spaces. The cars get literally buried and it takes hours to dig them out. The Goldminers people should have some ideas- this is sure to have come up before.
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Did you end up taking the job at the GMD?

By the way, there is a place one can store their car down the canyon with 24 hr access. There is an Alta/Snowbird bus stop there as well.
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