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Retiring my Xscreams but what replaces them ?

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My old XScream series is one of my all time favorite skis! I understand that Solly isn't making them anymore so unless I can find a set in my length, unsold in a shop somewhere, I'm SOL and in need of a replacement. I've always loved the XScream due to it's huge sweet spot. There might not be any one thing that ski does (or did ...) best of any ski out there except put a smile on my face!

Did anyone here move from their old XScream's last year ? If so what did you end up with ? do you like them as much ? did you keep the length the same ?

My XScreams are 187's and are getting a set of Fritchi's. They are just too soft and broken down for serious alpine at this point. The bottoms and edges are still good so I' think it will make a decent AT setup for day's off the backside of Red Mtn this winter.
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Salomon is most definitely still making the Xscream. I think it is now one of the only skis out there that has been around unchanged for as many seasons as it has. Atomic is close with the 9.18, but it has undergone several variations since the original model. You should be able to get a pair pretty easily. It is possible they are not selling them in the US though. Try Canadian shops. I know for a fact that Cupolo's Sports in Niagra Falls has them. I think (but am not certain) that Snow Country Sports in Rochester New York has a few pairs as well.
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Yeah - they still make Xscreams, but not the Series, They are replacing it with the 10 'SuperHot' from what I'm told. I gather that they are using the similar dimensons, probably the same mold, but a different layup which to me means - different ski. I may give Cupolo's a call to check that out.

It may turn out that my info (from the Mt Hood Meadows shop) isn't correct ehoch would be good news. I really ought to make the trip down to Portland and scope the shops there.

Thanks for the tip. Mal

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They still make the Sereis too. Look at the website. The classic series is still there. I don't think you will see that ski disappear until they have another ski with similar popularity. It should be very easy to get a series though. I think Cupolo's is selling the Xscream Series for $550 or $600 or something like that. It's still a pricey ski. I dont blam eyou for trying to find a new pair though. I love mine, they are some of the most fun skis i have ever been on. I am actually giving them a base grind this week i think. They havent had any kinda good maintanence in a few seasons cuz ive been racing so much so i decided it was time to show them some love.

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I bought a pair of 01/02 Xscream Series from US Outdoor at the ski show.
S912 bindings
I'm ready to drive ANY distance to try them out!!!
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I'm a big fan of the XScream Series. From what I hear Salomon still makes it. If it isn't showing up at your local ski shop it's probably due to the shop deciding to bring in more of the newer models like Scream 10 Pilot Hot & Xtra Hot etc. I would like to find a ski with that old user-friendly Series feel but a bit wider overall for better float in powder & slush. The Hot & Xtra Hot are great skis, but not quite what I'm looking for. Actually maybe it's just the price that's putting me off.
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If you can: "Try'em before you buy"em."

You may want to demo the Fischer FX 7.6 Big Stix FTI, Head Monster I.M 75,Rossi B2, K2 Axis XP, and the Atomic Beta-Ride R:EX and as always...........
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