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PMTS - What it Stands For

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My Thanks to "skx skibum" (who has an excellent siggy line too) and others who revived the "What does PSIA stand for?" thread from last spring.

Now what does PMTS stand for??

RW see you in about a month.
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shhh- you'll give it advertising

most people don't know it exists
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From a marketing perspective:

Primary Money Taking System

or said more simply:

Pretty Much Talkin' Sh!t
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PSIA Makes Terrible Skiers

Pivoting Makes Turns Substandard
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Compared to PSIA?

I'd say:
Pretty Much The Same
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Practice Making Turns, SCSA
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Pretty Mediocre Technical Skiing
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Now that the shots have been taken, it means Primary Movements Teaching System.

Most on this site do not understand the princples of the system and very few have taught it.

PMTS requires a four day accreditation process for accredited instructors, that is pretty intense. It tests your ability to ski consistant parallel and your ability to teach. It also tests your ability to determine and fulfill the student's motivation, understanding and movement process.

Some here will say that it is the same as PSIA. It is not. It is as different as apples are to oranges. And I am not saying that it is better or worse than PSIA. It is just different. The initial approach is direct parallel with no wedges taught except in braking situations. Harald Harb won't agree, but I have taught PMTS in the real world where beginners need to learn to stop quickly sometimes.

I hope that I have been of help in explaining just a very small thumbnail of PMTS.

Rick H
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Thanks Rick,
But this really is just a bit outside the Random Humor secton.
We had fun with the PSIA thread and this was to give HH "equal time"

Maybe next we can do what does NSP stand for??
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PSIA, PMTS, I don't care what they stand for.

As long as I never have to read about Tai Chi and Skiing in another freakin thread.
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I'm pretty sure no one cares about this.

Originally Posted by Wear The Fox Hat
Practice Making Turns, SCSA
Believe it or not...

I skied Aspen Highlands last season a couple of times with Wacko. His turns are lookin' pretty damned good. We skied bumps all day both days and I saw a very centered, calm and contained upper body, excellent speed control, fantastic commitment, and never a loss for breath.

However, some things never change.
He is still SCSA ...and he has the fur lined hooded jacket to prove it.:

The only way i could get him to cap the trap was to march him up Highlands Bowl ...twice.
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fair is fair?

I can understand the desire to be fair. If we are to self bash PSIA then lets bash PMTS - even if it isn't self bashing.

But PSIA is a large umbrella organization with standards for testing and movement patterns and teaching that many PSIA members themselves don't follow except to pass their exams.

PMTS is a small non-profit organization promoting a specific toolset for teachers and students to use for developing skiing.

Harbskisystems is the for profit company that includes boot-fitting, camps, and private lessons.

Not sure how that equates. But, hey, if a fun bashing session means PMTS is in a similar equity to PSIA in need of humerous bashing - then I'm all for it.

I was at a race camp this summer (first with PMTS - 3rd Race camp) and go to see some of the finest skiing I've ever seen. These people really rock!

Check out HH's new book coming soon if you have actual interest in PMTS.

Otherwise - have fun bashing!
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A-men, Mick C !
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: Please, Man Take (my) Skis!
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Just for Mike C and RW

Please More Taichi Skiing
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