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Color Sunday

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That's the day that the fall colors in Colorado are said to be at their height. I spent the day on my bike to soak it in.

I cycled from Mesa up Grand Mesa. This took me past Powderhorn ski area and its predecessor Mesa ski area. Then from the top I descended to Cedar Edge, Delta and then battled a furious headwind to Palisades and then back to Mesa.

This is a neat ride because it covers varied topography ...The start begins in a sandstonefrom the top of Grand Mesa's 10,200' elevation I could see the mountains of the San Juans and the Elks in the background of fall foliage. After descending, you encounter vinyards and orchards, then desert for 30 miles and back up again to vinyards and orchards.
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Was just in RMNP and Middle Park today. I would say that area is about a week away from max color. On the flip side, the elk are in rut, and lots of bugling can be heard in the national park.
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