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Gear Weight

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I am pulling off my Marker 9.1SC bindings off my Dynastar SFs as I (finally) realized they weigh more than the skis. About 3.75 lbs each per ski, and 4 lbs each per binding. Add to that my Nordica Next boots weigh 6.8 lbs each.(old Salomons 4.4 lbs each). I am going to simple lightweight Tyrolia bindings.

You most often have to contact the manufacturers to look up the weights of skis, bindings, etc. The subject of weight isnt' discussed or published enough.
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This has been a problem for a number of years now. As skis keep getting lighter (better foams, lighter metals such as titanium), unfortunately, bindings, and to some extent boots keep getting heavier! The select control models (Markers & Tyrolias) are the worst offenders. I think that Tyrolia makes a good binding, but they seem to be the only one making (or marketing) a lightweight binding. I suppose that most people think that a lightweight binding won't hold up to aggresive skiing and would pre-release, but with the newer plastics and metals available today, you would think that the binding manufacturers could come up with a lightweight binding for even the most agressive skier.
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The weight of the equipment is less important than the location of the weight. Since both the boot and the binding are close to the center of the ski, swing weight is minimally affected. When skiing, a few pounds more or less will not be felt. When going up on the chair, use the foot rest, and ski a Deer Valley where they have porters to carry your skis to the lifts for you.

The only time weight plays an importance with ski gear is when touring. A Fritschi Daimer on a 10.EX is as light as one can go in a fat.
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I don't completely agree, BetaRacer. The effect on swing weight may be minimal at high speed, but to me Markers feel markedly heavier underfoot at slower speeds such as the beginning of a run, runnout, cruising etc.
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