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Utah in early November

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Hi all,
I am a flat-landa' from Massachusetts and have skied exclusivley in the East and I will be traveling to SLC in early November, 1st or 2nd week.

I'm not expecting anyone to give long range snow reports, but from past experiences, is there a posibility of making a few turns out there in early Nov. Any mountain recomendation would be much appreciated.

I will be there for 4 days, but as I live on a high point in Masachusetts (altitude 300 ft) , should I be concerned about altitude sickness? I'm in pretty good shape, not six pack buff, but usally want to make the last chair. Any advice is appreciated.

If my sking ablitly is critical to recomending a mountain:
My sking level is "freaking ski anything, man"....STOP... just kidding, Jesus...dont want to start another pissing contest. OK..OK..sking level pretty good, having fun and comfortable on eastern blacks, a little slower and fight to stay forward on eastern double blacks.

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Brighton and Alta are the most likely candidates for early-season skiing on the west side of the Wasatch.
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That time of year is a total crap shoot, with long odds in favor of the house (not good snow conditions). Even your standard early season openers can be totally bare at that time. Some resorts will have a few stripes (white ribbons of death) of snowmaking runs open, but you could do that in the East too. Even if you buck the odds and get good conditions, none of the resorts will have much open, as they will be still busy putting pads on towers, starting up lifts for the first time, staffing up, etc. I would guess you would be luck to find any mountain more than 25% open. I would do one of two things:

1) Postpone your trip to a better time (every week later increases your odds exponentially).

2) Don't bring ski equipment and enjoy the late fall seasons. If good snow pops up while you are out here, then rent/demo stuff.


EDIT: Didn't want to sound too negative, but I'd much rather your 1st trip to the West be one of epic conditions, so I hope you go with realistic expectations.
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Powdr is correct. Alta has a fixed opening date of weekend before Thanksgiving no matter how much snow there is. Last season was the record for early snow, so Snowbird advanced its opening date to Nov. 6. Brighton is the only area that might try to operate before the weekend of Nov. 19-20, and they only get enough natural snow to do that in about 1/3 of seasons. If you can't push the trip to accomodate at least that weekend, you should go for the southern Utah national parks than skiing.
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Thanks guys,
Nope..cant push the date forward, fixed.

I will keep an eye on Brighton and make a decision as the date creeps closer. Huh...not real promissing though....thanks for the info, much apreciated.
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Well, look on the bright side. We could be skiing in October, like last year:

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bring only your boots, rent skis
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