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sugar daddy vs B4?

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I'm new to this forum and am looking to replace my old K2 Big Kahuna powder boards (12 years old and tired). 6'1", 220, ski at ~8-9 in Utah & Idaho. I've been steered to Rossi B4's as well as Atomic Sugar Daddys. Any comments or opinions?
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I've never skied either, but I would love to try the Sugar Daddies. I have no interest in the B4s. Of course mine is an opinion based as much on my irrational sentiments as what I've read about each of these. I'm sure you'll get some informed opinions based on actual experience soon enough. Welcome to epicski.
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I like the idea of the Sugar Daddy as well. I weigh the same and am 2 inches taller so I'm considering a fatty that's a combo of somewhat stiff and not too hard to manuever. Heard a TON of good stuff about the Mantra here. It's obvious that the tahoe crew love the things. Sugar Daddy seems to have a solid following as well and everyone I've talked to who skied it says it can handle all conditions well. Not that I'm into the tricks or hucking yet but I heard that the Dynastar Big Trouble makes skiing the pow a dream and has a most easy turn initiation. Oh yeah, a big dude I know who used to rep for Fischer said the Atua is pretty sick. Check it out.
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Everyone seems to love the Volkl Mantra. 94mm underfoot.
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