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Dynastar Contact 9

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Anybody test these skis yet? I am looking for an East Coast (read hard-pack and icy) advanced intermediate ski. Something fun and lively with good edge grip but will not punish me for getting tired at the end of the day or demand me to ski hard all the time.

Short list is:
Fischer RX8
Rossi Zenith Z5
Volkl 5 star, although I think the stiff tail will knock it out of the running - not forgiving
Dynastar Contact 9

Any suggestions?

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Also consider Elan S10 or S12 and there are a ton of people hear who would suggest a Metron M10 or 11.
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Originally Posted by RiDeC58
Also consider Elan S10 or S12 and there are a ton of people hear who would suggest a Metron M10 or 11.
S10, yes. S12, no. The S12 is a very stiff ski on the order of a Volkl Allstar, etc. I've seen reviews where it's characterized as a softer more forgiving carver, but they must be smoking crack. The S12 is stiffer than my Stockli Stormrider DPs and those things are like 2x4s. I haven't ridden my S12s yet, but they sure don't feel like they are going to be a "forgiving" ski.
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I have seen advanced intermediate skiers very happy on the Volkl 5 Star. Heavier skiers skiing it short seemed to progress rapidly. I was skiing with a friend who normally skis the "hardpack" in PA, but we met in Utah for a week. He actually took these things into powder. Lets see, there was that knee thing that made him lose a day....
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I think the Fischer will be more lively than the Elans. The Elans are very well damped. I guess the reviews depend as much on the ski the tester just came off of as well as the ski he's on. The S12 was a LOT softer than my Kästles. It's not a ski that you can easily bully around with strong-bad technique. The S8 is too wimpy. Both like to be turning. I haven't tried the 10.
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I ski regularly on S12 and while they are somewhat stiff, I actually find them very forgiving for their level of performance. The S10 may be abetter choice for Scott, but he just might grow into the S12. They really do not punish me at all. Just my observation...
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I'm not sure about the RX8's for an intermediate. Fischers tend to be very lively (some might say squirrely) and usually pretty stiff. Maybe the RX6 might be a better pick?. Possibly a pair of last years Dynastar Skicross 9's or 7's?
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I'm an east coast skier and I love my dynastar skicross 9's(2004 model),so I would agree with birdman.
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I'm 180lbs/5'10" skiing the RX8 ('04) 170 length they are lively and quick, you have to stay with them out of the turns or your in the back seat (they may punish you by days end). I getting older/slower and will get something with a little less of quickness next time, midwest skier, short hills, mostly groomed, 1 week in Colorado or Utah yearly, ski pretty much everything except I stay out of the trees now, to old (losing quickness and things may break easier) . Anyways 2 years on the RX8 and it's time to start demoing different stuff. I demoed some head XP100's in ('03) before I bought the RX8's, will be looking for something simular to that feel next time. I didn't try the RX6's probably should have. Oh I've found the RX8's great on hardpack and ice, just stay with them. The Atomic metron's also look good to me - - what model should I start to demo with?
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