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Ski Enquiry from Scottish couple

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Hi folks,
My (future) wife and I are going to Vail for two weeks in February next year on our honeymoon. Did anyone ski in Vail last February and can you tell us what it was like, we're intermediate standard skiers, ski in the French Alps and at home in Glencoe Scotland. Any tips or advice appreciated but just puting this post in to say hello. We're there the first two weeks so I think that means we miss the mardi gras ;-(
Thanks in advance
Ian and Lyndsey
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Welcome to EPIC Bigian I have not been to Vail at That time of year, but was there last year in December when they were fully open. The best part of Vail for intermediates is THE WHOLE MOUNTAIN. Honestly, good intermediate terrain can be had anywhere on the mountain, but my favorite terrain of that type was in Blue Sky Basin and Game Creek Bowl. Check out vail.snow.com as it has tons of info and is one of the best resort websites I've seen. We stayed in Lionshead and it was very convenient although a large portion of it is under construction this year (lodges are all open however). We did use the local transport system some and it wasn't bad and usually on time. It can get very cool at night at that time of year so dress accordingly. Vail is large by U.S. standards and should definately keep you entertained for a week. It's also EXPENSIVE by any measure but there are ways to cut cost if that's an issue such as eating lunch in the village or Lionshead as opposed to on the mountain(the on mountain food is typically bad and expensive). I'm sure many folks with much more Vail knowledge than I will chime in here and offer some good info as well. Enjoy your trip and once again WELCOME
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Hey Ian, welcome!

Just to contradict jgiddyup, Vail is NOT expensive, compared to many of the French resorts (and certainly, if the £/$ stays the same as it currently is, then that should remain).
What can you expect?
Better conditions than Glencoe! (OK, I've only ever driven past Glencoe, never skiied it)
You'll find plenty of runs for you to ski, I'd also suggest taking a trip to Beaver Creek for a day, and also to Copper Mountain - they are relatively close by, and well worth the visit.

Where are you staying in Vail?
I was out there at the end of March as a birthday present to myself, and then the conditions were still very good.
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Welcome Ian,

We were there (Vail, Copper and Brekenridge) last March--at the beginning of the month and conditions were very good.
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IMHO Vail is the best intermediate mountain in North America. And that does not mean just cloned cruisers. Great off-piste in China Bowl and Blue Sky Basin, excellent for learning powder if you get a dump. Long frontside runs like Riva Ridge with just a few bumpy sections for added interest. Make the day(s) at Beaver Creek on the weekend and Copper definitely midweek to minimize crowds.
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Fantastic - this is great information folks, many thanks and thanks for the welcome too! Hope you don't mind us asking loads of questions now ha ha
Here's number one, what are the shuttle buses like in terms of frequency? We decided against hiring a car and have heard the car parking charges are quite steep. VERY excited !!!!
Ian and Lyndz
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Within Vail itself, the bus system runs about every 10 minutes or so and is great. Most of the outerlying hotels/condos have their own shuttles into Vail.

Bottom line: Once you're there, a car won't be necessary.
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Coach is Correct on the bus and the car with the possible exception of getting groceries if you're going to be cooking meals in a condo. Although in a place like Vail I'm sure there's probably some sort of grocery delivery service. Parking fees if you were to hire a car depend on where you're staying and usually range from free up to $20 per day. Have a great trip!
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Bienvenido! Vail is Fantastico, in all aspects. Take an early morning stroll and take it all in as the sun comes up. At night, vist one of the more than 50 restaurants/cafes. Skiing, lift system, people, all nice.

The shuttles do run even faster than posted, and work like a charm! You can go to Beaver for a small charge (lift tkt valid for both mountains).

We like to stay at the Tivoli Lodge, Golden Eagle area, less crowds than in the main Village or Lionshead.
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The in-town shuttle runs every 5-10 minutes between Lionshead and Vail Village (also to Golden Peak). If you're in Sandstone, the free town bus runs every 20 mins at peak times and every 30 mins otherwise. From East Vail or West Vail the free town bus runs every 30 mins, until 2am.
There's more info here: http://vailgov.com/subpage.asp?page_id=162
The winter bus schedule will probably be put up in early December.
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groceries should be fine on the bus, and if not, just grab a taxi. Shuttles from the airports are excellent, too. You don't need a car. And there is a bus from Vail to the other ski areas (Summit County etc).
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