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Loveland/A-Basin soon! - Page 3

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a few here and there (of course, here and there is a relative thing when there is only one run open!). Unfortunately there was a bit of brown peeking through here and there, too, but I expect the grooming crew will take care of that tonight. I sure hope that it gets a bit cooler at night up there or we could be in trouble.
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Not bad at all Monday morning. A few firm spots, a few chunky spots and a little sugary toward the base but mostly good man made snow. Probably will get a little damp as the day goes on-expected to reach the 60's in Summit County. Not crowded at all althought only skied until 10:45 due to afternoon commitments in Denver. Still just one trail-will most likely stay that way until temps drop.

Next possibility of snow showers is late Tuesday

Back tomorrow morning for a longer stay.
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