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Alta's Snowpine Lodge

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Can somebody give an honest review of the Snowpine Lodge. My wife and I are considering a January Alta trip and this one looks rustic. But how rustic is the question of the day?
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stayed one night

I stayed there one night after being at the Peruvian for the good part of a week - girlfriend and I had to stay there because flight was next day and the Perv didn't have the room.

The place was clean and the innkepers were nice. Had a great meal in the dining room. Our room was kind of small, and as I remember it had no windows - but it was one of those deals where I had to have someplace to stay and didn''t want to spend a whole lot of $$. I left there thinking I would go back again.

Been back to Alta 2 more times and have always stayed at the Perv. I do a boys trip every few years, and you can't beat the Perv for price, ambience and the great package they put together. I think you would be comfortable there too.

Both places have "community" dining so you might wind up sitting with other guests.
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