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Given the money-no-problem, I would say go to Aspen, or maybe split the week between there and Vail/Beaver Creek. Eagle airport provides reasonable access to both.
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Originally Posted by Need BB
Money is no problem My problem now is is Colorado or Utah!
Here is what page 95 of the Nov. 05 Freeskier has to say... "Unless you count in the adrenaline rush that comes from running a gauntlet of Utah highway patrolmen, all of whom will take one look at your out-of -state plates and sketchy friends and decide that a roadside cavity search is in order. We recommend that you be on your best behavior in the Beehive state".
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Well I decided on Utah. I only have seven days to ski, but I am not sure on which resort I should only ski one day. Here is my list, but I need to reduce it by one day.

Snowbasin 2, Snowbird 2,Park City 2, Canyons 2

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Utah Utah Utah. Can't say it enough...
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Which resort should I only ski for one day? Need to know since I have to book the tickets and hotels!
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Where are you staying? SLC or Park City or somewhere else? Most people pick a place to stay, then line up ski areas to visit from there. 8 ski days is a nice long visit, esp if you take a rest day somewhere in there. You're gonna win whatever you do, but assuming you stay in Park City I guess I'd drop one of the Snowbasin days to lessen the commuting. If you stay in SLC near Alta/Bird I'd drop one of the Park City or Snowbasin days.

If you're gonna move around and sleep in a different place every few days, then I guess I'd drop one of the Park City or Canyons days, but I've been to those two and Snowbasin would be novel to me so my perspective might be warped.
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Well I plan to stay at the resorts or close by. I only 7 days to ski, so I need to shorten by list by one day. I am not sure which resort to ski for only one day since they all look so good.
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Brighton for a day.
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