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Where to Ski

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I was given a trip to go skiing for a week in March, anywhere in North America. The exceptions are the east coast, and Whistler. I will be skiing with a snowboarder, so I can't go to places like Alta. I prefer a place with high speed lifts and want to go somewhere with moderate/hard terrain. I was thinking the Utah area, but I have only skied out west in Lake Tahoe and Vail.

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I prefer Utah over Colorado

The Canyons, Snowbird, Snowbasin. Stay in SLC cheap and drive to any/all.
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Wow what a nice choice to have. Utah is definately my favorite overall area in the country, but since you said North America, I would probably give Lake Louise or some other BC areas a try. I've never been skiing in Canuck land and think it would be fun. One other thing, If you can wait to make reservations until a week or 2 out I would be checking Snow reports all the time. Good luck as it's a nice decision to have to make.
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Well cost is no worry! Keep the suggestions coming!
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Check out the spring break schedules for the week in March you're looking at and just stay furthest away from majors
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Originally Posted by Need BB
I was given a trip to go skiing for a week in March, anywhere in North America.
well, how do you get one of 'em deals?
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Well I am a college student, so I will be on one of those spring breaks
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Utah and interior B.C. are relatively cheap, so why not go someplace more upscale if there's not a cost restriction? Aspen and Telluride would be good examples. From the latter see if you can reserve a day at Silverton. Also, if you go to interior B.C., perhaps you can use some of the savings from cheap lifts and lodging on a day or two of snowcat or heliskiing. Not sure why Whistler would be excluded, it's still less expensive than several of the U.S. resorts.
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How about Big Sky/Moonlight? If cost is no worry, flying into Bozeman won't be an issue. March in the Northern Rockies provides excellent conditions (hasn't slushed up yet like it's southern neighbors).

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I disagree with the above. Bridger faces east and is relatively low elevation. Big Sky is high but faces mostly east and south. Moonlight faces north. Bridger and Big Sky are much more likely to slush up than the Cottonwood Canyons or Aspen, Telluride, Crested Butte, Copper, A-Basin, Taos, Mammoth, Bachelor, Whistler alpine. See my spring ratings at http://webpages.charter.net/tcrocker818/fam_ski.htm .
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Since cost is no object, I would choose a place that I would not otherwise choose. Maybe some place remote like Telluride or even the three Aspen resorts. Big Sky would be a good choice or like one of the other readers suggested - Lake Louise area.Have fun.
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Would I become board at places like Telluride or Big Sky since I am skiing for a week?
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College spring break, skiing, possible boredom... hmmm, sounds like a little partying will be desired as well. Why not hit Summit county? That's one place it will be fun to party and if you get up early enough, avoid the crowds. I think Aspen would be great too. Awesome night life and plenty of spaces to roam at Ajax, Highlands and Snowmass.
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Originally Posted by Need BB
Would I become board at places like Telluride or Big Sky since I am skiing for a week?
Never skied Big Sky. Answer for TRide, no. if you get bored of lift-serverd (unlikely), go to the hike-to lines.
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Originally Posted by Need BB
Would I become board at places like Telluride or Big Sky since I am skiing for a week?
You're a college student? Don't go to Big Sky for a week. The skiing is great but there is NOTHING to do at night. I would vote Whistler/Blackcomb.
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Well stuff to do isn't a big deal, since I am there to ski. The night life can wait to I get home!
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After the last couple of years of incredible snow conditions in Utah I couldn't argue with any suggestions to go there, but here's a thread with a fair amount of discussion on Snowmass, which was the first place that popped into my mind.

Here's one with "money is no object theme": http://forums.epicski.com/showthread...ht=deer+valley
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Anywhere in North America? One word: heli
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vinn makes a valid point. Presumably there is a cost limit or NeedBB would be signing up for CMH or Valdez. But it does depend on priorities. For a typical spring break, wide variety of terrain, not too crowded, great apres-ski and not price sensitive, Aspen is a logical choice. If it's just a hard-core skiing trip you can get a day of heli or a couple in a snowcat, plus resort skiing the rest of the week in Alberta/B.C. for the same cost as the week in Aspen.
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Wait--follow the snow. There will still be plane tickets and lodging available when you book in late February. The greatest resort on earth sucks if it hasn't got snow--and, conversely-a good snow season can turn lesser molehills into great mountains. I've kicked myself for booking ski trips too far in advance instead of showing some patience and head towards the snowiest region.
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Originally Posted by vinn
Anywhere in North America? One word: heli
I agree with Vinn! Since you mentioned that cost is no worry Mike Wiegele's or CMH would be my vote.


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Well, I can't go heli because the person I am going with is doing this right after I go with him. That is the reason I can't go to whistler and I can't go heli

Could I go to Colorado and go to multiple resorts while driving less than an hour and a half? I was leaning to going to Utah and staying on mountain at a couple of resorts for 2 nights each.
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If it's spring, I'd look for altitude for preservation of the snow. Copper.
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It will be mid March.
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Colorado gets most of its snow in March and April as I recall. I've been in blizzards at Easter break.
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Would you choose (1 or 2 days at each):

Deer Valley
Park City
The Canyons


Beaver Creek
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If you decide on Utah and can stay on the mountain I'd do Snowbird for 3-4 days and then maybe Snowbasin for 2 days (no lodging on the mountain, closest is probably ~20 minutes by car) or maybe the Canyons for 2 days. There's plenty of exploring to do at Snowbird. Also, if you don't mind splitting up for a day or two you could ski Alta while your buddy's at Snowbird. If you do Snowbird maybe you can convince your financier to spring for a day or 2 of heli with Wasatch Powderbird Guides. Another option for the 2nd half of your trip is Solitude and Brighton in Big Cottonwood Canyon. I'm not a big fan of Solitude but it'll definitely keep your interest for a couple of days. Brighton is supposed to be great for snowboarders. You can stay on mountain at Solitude. You can't do Deer Valley as they do not allow snowboarders.

I've never been to the Aspen area resorts, but there's plenty of terrain between Ajax, Highlands and Snowmass to keep you busy for the entire week. The bus system is supposed to be great. Snowmass is supposed to have tons of on mountain housing available. If someone was going to pay for a week of skiing and lodging for me, I'd probably choose Aspen b/c I've never been and since it's quite expensive I'm not likely to pay for it myself when I can find equally good, if not better terrain for much less in Utah.
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If money is a problem, Aspen is still doable by staying downvalley. Glenwood Springs has lots of lodging, everything from "grande olde hotels" such as at the springs, to mom and pop motels. If you stay in Glenwood, don't bother driving to Aspen, as parking is a real problem. Instead, buy a weekly pass for the RFTA (the local bus system) and ride to Aspen with all the ski area employees.
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Money is no problem My problem now is is Colorado or Utah!
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[quote=Need BB]Money is no problem /QUOTE]

Then fly right into Aspen and stay at the Little Nell.
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