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Looking to round out my quiver

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Hello bears, I'm looking for some advice on some new skis, and hopefully some of you have some words of wisdom for me!

I'm looking for a women's mid-fat that's stable at speed and energetic. I'm a 35 year old advanced (but not expert....yet) female skier, 5'5", 130 lbs.

I own Volkl 6-Star 161cm which are awesome on eastern boilerplate and other groomed stuff. I also have 165cm Salomon Pocket Rockets for my western fluff skiing.

I need something for everything else in between, and I'm ready to give women-specific skis a try.

Here's what I'm considering:

Atomic Balanze 11 Puls-164cm

Nordica Olympia Victory-162cm

Salomon Siam #10-166cm

I'd love to hear anyone's 2 cents....I appreciate it!
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You should add K2 T-Nine Lotta Luv to your consideration list.
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i am partial to the dynastar legend 8000 and think it would be a good fit for what you are looking for. lively and energetic, it handles groomed okay but loves natural snow. not a deep powder ski, but great for natural snow, up to a foot of pow, crud, and does good on bumps too. they make a women's only version called the exclusive i believe, i have no beta on that version. for reference, i also use a volkl for groomer action (currently a p50 motion) and an inspired big for deep pow and big mountain type stuff. unlimited ac3 might be a good consideration as well.
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Well, it’s hard to improve on perfection. The 6* and Pocket Rocket are both superb and versatile skis. Fortunately, there are a few high performance midfats to consider.

Check the data;

6* 116-68-99mm sidecut
Pocket Rocket 122-90-115mm

Now let’s look at something in-between these two;

Dynastar Exclusive legend 114-75-102mm
Female specific, ice to deep powder, stable at speed

Elan Magfire 12 116-76-102mm
Unisex, ice to crud, strong carve, less forgiving

Fischer AMC 73 118-73-104mm
Unisex, ice to powder, stable at speed, strong carve, forgiving

Head Wild thang SR II 117-72-102mm
Female specific, ice to crud, stable at speed, strong carve

Volkl AC3 116-74-102mm
Unisex, ice to powder, strong carve, stable at speed

These are all great skis. I like to have one, less-demanding, all-mountain ski for western conditions that also can also be used for soft snow out east. Something that is less race-like than my best hard snow ski, and better on firm snow than my powder ski. The Fischer AMC 73 or Volkl AC3 fits this description well.

Hope that helps

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Wow, thanks for the great advice! Kpudgar, I have tried the Lotta Luv, and unfortunately I find it sluggish at high speeds and a bit too soft. I was bummed, I wanted to luv it! RivercOil, the mens Legend sounds great, the women's is getting mixed reviews, but I'll look into it.

Barretscv, I hadn't considered the AC3....I love Volkl, and I have the 724 Pro midfat, but it's a bit too heavy for me to throw around in the crud, hence my search for one that's lighter weight, but still high performance.

I saw that Volkl did not offer a womens midfat, and I was curious why. I just read up more on the AC3, and it looks like it fits the bill, so thanks again.

Also, the Wild Thang sounds good too! I just wish I lived in a place where I could demo all of these easily....sigh.....
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Originally Posted by skichick70
I just wish I lived in a place where I could demo all of these easily....sigh.....
Hi SS,

Living in Chicago, I have the same problem. I'm planning on a Vermont trip in November. This will be my "I came here to demo" ski trip for the year.


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yea, the 724 pro is rediculously beefy and heavy. the 724 exp would have been a better ski to look at last year, not as stiff. continues as the ac3, give it a rip.
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Yeah, I think I bit off a little more than I can chew with the 724 Pro.
Oh well.

Well riverc0il, maybe you can Barrettscv when he comes to your area this November for his demo trip!

Thanks to both of you!
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Check out the Fischer Vision women specific line. The Vision 76 would fit well in between the Six Stars and the Pocket Rockets. Dimensions are 120-76-106, lengths 158, 164, 170, and 176.

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JimL, I saw those and they sound great. I work part-time seasonally for a ski shop here in DC, and unfortunately we don't carry Fischer skis, so I wouldn't be able to order them at my discount. I was bummed because those do look awesome.
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My spouse skied Salomon Scrambler 8's last year and liked them. They handled a broad range of conditions well - including waist deep powder. So you might want to give those Siam 10s you mentioned some serious thought. Roughly similar type of ski. They have a Metron style profile, but are lighter and softer. For someone in your weight range, they seem to have plenty of torsional rigidity. As with the metrons, resist the temptation to go too long. With the Siam 10, I'd guess the 158 is probably plenty long. Plenty of surface area for their length.

Length wise, you might also give some thought to the Balanze in a 157 - or even the 150 - instead of the longer length.

The extra width along the whole length of both of these skis relative to your Volkls adds a huge amount of surface area.
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Thanks spindrift, I was looking forward to hearing some good stuff about the Salomons!
As for the length, I love to go really fast, and I'm always afraid of the chattering at high speeds with too short skis! I guess I need to get over that.
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This has got to be the greatest post ever for me to read. Hey, if she's looking to round out her quiver then it's open season on my quiver growth as well! I'm looking to replace my old Dynastar Intuitive 74 with perhaps the AC4 and add something for pow - looking at the Sugar Daddy or the Mantra. I guess I could try to copy that add Volkl has in all the ski mags where there's something like 3 sweet skis for all conditions hanging on the wall....
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