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klkaye is MOVING to COLORADO

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klkaye is moving to Frisco Colorado in a few weeks. Hope she enjoys her time in Summit County.

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Welcome Klkaye-you'll enjoy Summit County.

Tsavo-ready to make a few turns at Loveland? They are just waiting for a little lower temps to start shooting the white stuff.
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Will she be at ESA east?
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Welcome to CO
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Oh my goodness -- Tsavo has let the secret out of the bag.

Evan -- no I will not be in attendance for any eastern events. I don't think I need to travel farther than my backyard for EXCELLENT skiing this season.

Lenny and Mike -- thanks and add me to your ski group e-mail lists.

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Hey Kiersten, Welcome to Colorado. Watcha gonna be doin' for a living in Summit County? Or is this a ski-bum sabatical? LewBob
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Kiersten, I hate you. have a wonderful time and say hi for me to all our mutual friends out there in Colorado.
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Have a blast Kiersten! Some day I'll be out there permanently too!
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Hope you can come to one of our early-season get-togethers at Loveland/A-Basin. See the "Meet-on the Hill-Planning" forum.

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Wow, half of the MA people are moving out here! I still want to give and "East Moves West" party for the five recently relocated. If people are still up for that, let me know.
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ahhhh ... bah humbug.
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Get a life Evilanche!
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Someone asked me WHY I am moving to CO. Well first I felt sorry for the person ... imagine the poor soul who doesn't understand why someone would want to move to the mountains of CO.

Then I explained that it's something I have to do if I ever want to really be able to SKI LIKE A GIRL.

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Yay Kiersten! Glad that it all worked out! Will sure be looking forward to making some turns with you this season. And just think...this season I get to have my poles back!
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So, on to important things

Originally Posted by klkaye
Someone asked me ...

Are you driving the truck or the convertible?
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Sweet! Looking forward to turns with you this year!
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Now this is what I call just plain good sense. It seems to me that if one loves to ski, one really ought to move to the mountains! I call it getting your priorities straight. I hope the move works well for you, and if you find it hard to adjust, then you aren't skiing enough. So there.
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thanks to all for the nice words and warm welcomes.

once I learn how to breath (yikes) and live on my new income (double yikes) I figure I'll be all set!

I will plan to ski with you all as soon as there is a little more snow on the mountains!

and, comprex ... I DEFINITELY need to take my truck. I have so much stuff.
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Damn, I'm sick of all these transplants flowing into our state. Guess I should have covered my tracks.

Welcome kikaye, your gunna love it here.
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Thanks Rick ... now I'd most appreciate it if you could plow me a path to my new house! We love snow, but it's only October 10th. I prefer my blizzards in December!

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Winter will soon arrive-this is just a fall teaser.

I'm sure Tsavo has a few diabolical plans in mind so you can earn your ski like a girl spurs.
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