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Crossmax 10 Binding Help

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I just picked up a pair of 2004 Crossmax 10 Pilots. They came flat without bindings. Are their certain Salomon bindings I must use? Thanks for the help
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i could be wrong but all the pilot skis were supposed to come with a pilot binding/interface
i think this year they changed the pilot so you could mount any salomon binding

good luck
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2003/2004 Salomon tried to improve the original Pilot binding introducing a version for groomed slopes where toe and heel are attached to a solid plate. The binding, however, remained the Pilot system with two pins running through the central part of the ski (catalog quote: "... is still the same unique concept").

I´m not sure how standard screws would hold in the Pilot ski. There might not be the reinforced central zone to accommodate them.
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A bit of confusion here about what exactly you did buy. Do the skis have a couple of ridges going accross the ski with holes in the sidewall on each side, or does the ski have a plate pre-mounted on it with holes in it for Salomon bindings or are they truly "flat" and areable to take anything?
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Sorry about the confusion.
They have the plate pre-mounted on the skis
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They can´t be the true Pilots. The Pilot system means the holes in the sidewalls as described by kiwiski. There were other non-Pilot Crossmax models but they were not called Pilot.
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The skis came like this
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Get some S914s, or some S916s if you can find them. With that type of plate, you can stick any binding on there, it CAN'T be a pilot becuase the two axle-ish things are filled by the plate. I am a fan of Salomon 916 labs because they are all metal, as opposed to the plastic used in their consumer bindings. Here's a link to those: http://www.untracked.com/?highlight=...ferrer=Froogle

Alternatively, you could get S914s. They will be lighter, but I'm not a big fan of all the plastic used in these bindings. Do a froogle search or look on ebay, they are easy to find.
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so the ski I have purchased is not a pilot system. I am getting a little confused here.

Here is the quote from ski magazine
Comments: There are about 80 skiercross events every year, where packs of adrenalized kids explode out of the start and battle for position. Sounds like a weekend in the Catskills. But Salomon's skiercross ski is also great for experts. Its sweet-turning Pilot system, which allows a rounder flex, and titanium-reinforced frame make the Crossmax "a spritely, kick-ass ski," says Livran. "A renaissance ski," says Richardson. "Comfortable slow or fast, in short or long turns, on groomed orchoppy snow." "It will satisfy a huge variety of skiers," says Forland. And give you an edge in those holiday crowds.
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No, it is a pilot system, but the pilot is in the plate, not the bindings. The bindings screw into the pre-drilled plate, which is attatched to the ski with the pilot axles, allowing the round flex.

Pilot bindings bolt directly to the ski using the axles, but a pilot binding on this ski would give you two sets of axles, which obviously wouldn't work.
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So I can purchase any Salomon binding then? Thanks for all the help
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Yes, but please, nothing lower than a 914, the plastic gets ridiculous on the 810.
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I am beind told by Salomon.com(I emailed them) and local ski shops that the skis shoudl have come with bindings and I can not purchase them separately. Is this just a line?
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I have the Pilots. Mine came with bindings mounted through the side holes, not plates. I would take the skis down to your local ski shop and ask them WTF? I'm pretty sure you have plates that are designed to mount bindings on, but it also looks like the plates could come off and the pilot bindings be placed there instead. The description you post of the ski is accurate. I like mine a lot.
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Have you gotten your situation resolved yer? I would like to know the outcome, I am in the same boat with a new pair of 05 screams. Let me know if you would.
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Yes I did. I called the company I bought the skis from and they shipped me the bindings. They are suppose to come with the bindings. Good luck
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if you get a great deal without bindings, wich you shouldn't... they all come with bindings. you can get an 810, 912, 912ti, 914, 916...pretty much any binding with a driver toe will work. if they didn't come with bindings, you didn't get a good deal. and you are an idiot for buying them from a non-reputable source. they all ship from salomon with bindings. if you bought them without, it's like buying a car without tires!
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I can understand that I might have been an idiot for buying the skis without bindings. But $99 for a $1000 pair of unused skis is a pretty damn good deal, and knew I would be able to get some 912Ti for under $200 (thats a total of $299 or 70% off).

I did get an e-mail back from salomon and they will get me a pair of 912Ti for $125 (thats makes my total $224 or almost 80% off)

I may be an idiot for buying the skis without the matching bindings, but I did save a bunch of money. Thanks for the help with the models if salomon ends up not working out then I will find the best price I can for some 912Ti's

thanks again
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I owned a crossmax 8 setup with salomon 912ti bindings. Almost lost my knee for the season when I hit a small pow kicker and the binding ripped out of the plate system. I will never ride Salomon products again. I moved up to K2's and Marker bindings.
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