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Ski prices US/Europe

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I came across a few prices of skis in the US. They are outrageous!

E.g.: you can buy a pair of Atomics 10.20 for $ 599 (I had to do a bit of searching to find that price). I even guess that's without bindings.
I just bought them for approximately $ 500 WITH bindings!

Hope this comparison doesn't go for all ski gear.

On the other hand, a lot of things are more expensive in Europe than in the US:
A PT/Cruiser (a car with room to take your skis) costs about $21000 in the Netherlands, a litre of unleaded (got to drive to the resorts) costs about $1.00 ($3.78 per gallon).
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Hey I thought all you Europeans ride on trains!? Leave those PT's for us Americans!

BTW, What is the preferred method of travel to the slopes over there?

Later, Peace and Out

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Trains? Ever heard of the problems in the UK? Those problems are spreading all over Europe. In the Netherlands all you can do is stand in them (ever seen those Japanese? - we are already looking for some pushers, you know those people who push people in so the doors can get shut.

Those PTs are great. Wonder why they are so hard to get? European demand is enormous - as is American demand.

The preferred method of travel is by car. With huge amounts of luggage nothing beats your own car. Especially if you drive the German Autobahns outside the rush hours. You can cover 600 miles in 6 to 7 hours (including stops for refueling, a.k.a. pit stops).
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If you have time, it might be worth buying from Europe..I did this at from a French shop -- $275 for the skis + $50 for shipping (no tax), vs. $500-$600 here for Atomic 9.22 SLs. If the exchange rate changes significantly that will change, but for now its an excellent deal.
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Don't generalize, Europe is not like US - differences between countries are way bigger than between states. In some places it is possible to take train to slopes (Chamonix, etc.), for some places you got to have a car or take a bus (Verbier, etc.).

In Finland skis are generally pretty much cheaper than in US - I just bought a pair of Volkl G31s for $350 without bindings.
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