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Which race ski?

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I am torn between three of this years race skis. The Nordica Dobermann SLR, the Elan SLX, and the fisher RC4 world cup SL. What ski would be best for a racer in minnesota conditions (ice and rutts after just a couple runs)?
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I haven't skied any of them and I'm sure someone here has, but I've heard good things from racer buddies about those Elans.
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I'd say the Elan and Fischer are a slight notch above the Dobermann. They are all very good, though. I doubt you would be disappointed with any of them.
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I agree they are all very good. You did ask for the best though didn't you? Ever consider the Stockli Laser SL? There really is no substitute.

Just one mans opinion.
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I tested race skis recently and loved the Fischers. I now have both the SL and GS race skis. One of the reasons I got the Fischers is because they hold really well. I live in New England and have found the Fischers perfect for the ice. They do have a lot of ski in them though, they can throw you pretty well.
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yeah I did my research, so now it is just what people have to say about the few I have narrowed it down to.

and yes I am very used to the ice, that is all minnesota racing is...or slush.

keep the opinions coming...
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also, does anyone now where to get a hold of some race stock skis like this for cheap?
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I know a guy selling Volkl P60 185 GS race stock skis, barely used.

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Originally Posted by Minnesnowta
also, does anyone now where to get a hold of some race stock skis like this for cheap?
Ski Depot is closing out last years race stock skis from both Fischer & Elan;


Hope that helps,

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Atomic SL11.
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i would definately say the RC4, my little bro uses the world cup model slalom and gs, i have used the slalom in icey conditions and they felt like a dream, easy to get on edge, very sturdy and easy to get your hip touching every turn. I've also tried my coaches Elan SLX's and really wasn't impressed, i have heard mixed reviews on the Dobermann's but they do look cool. Personally i am on the 05' Rossignol 9X WC and they also handle nicely.
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if u want cheap race skis go on ebay and find denver whole sale skis they have some great deals
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I should have replied to this topic a long time ago, when it was first posted, but here goes. I use the Nordica Dobermann SLR. I switched to that ski from the Elan SLX Race Stock. The Elan tends to be very stiff, and the wider tail makes it slightly slower edge to edge, but they will hold an edge on anything, and rebounds more than any ski out there I think. I switched to the Dobermann because it is slightly softer, and likes to be skied very far forward. After the change my slalom times dropped over two seconds over the course of last season (of course i got better but the skis made a huge difference). The dobermann seems to have better edghold and offers a smoother ride than both the Elan and the Fischer. The Fischer ride seems to be more energetic, but there is a lot of noise underfoot... they still hold like crazy, but the ski is not dampened as much as the other two. I will be on the SLR again this year - probably riding a piston plate and markers.
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