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Ski purchase decision-Yep another one.

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I will be moving to British Columbia from Australia for a year and am looking around at some skis to purchase.
Weight: 100kgs- 220lbs
Height: 187cms- 6'3"
Level: Advanced, good technical skills on groomed, main focus is off-piste skill development.
Skis I have tried this year: 2006 Stockli Stormrider 174cm (loved em), Dynastar Legend 8000 178 (loved em).
Volkl 2006 allstars 175? (loved em but didn't get off the groomed)

Skis I am interested in are:
Head im77s or im75
Legend 8000
Stormrider XL
Elan m666
Volkl Ac3

You probably get the picture, something with a wood core in the 75 -80mm waist department.

I plan to spend a couple days in Vancouver looking in the shops to see what the best deal is.

Last year, many people raved about the Head im75's. This year the opinions on the 77's appear to be more divided yet many advocates say the 77 is better than the 75.

I'm expecting to see some good deals for the 75's. Are the 77's that much better than the 75's to warrant paying the extra money? Does anybody know what the 77's will be selling for in the shops (Canada) in December?
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I would recommend the Legend 8000's. I havn't skied them, but most people who have will tell you that the allstars aren't great off piste.
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Just thoughts / why I bought the iM77

I bought the iM77 in a 170 last spring (I'm 5'11", 195). I've only skied a couple of days so far, but I really like the feel, the liveliness and lightness. I had decided to get the iM75, and then changed to the iM77 based on a review here by Dawgcatching. The points that hooked me were Scott's comments about how much more light and lively the iM77 was, the fact that his friend who was a "less agressive" skier also loved the ski, and his agressive price for the iM77. The versatility was important to me, because when I ski with my grandkids and my daughter-in-law I wanted a ski that was willing to go slow on green slopes, but that's now how I prefer to ski. FWIW, I also think I could have been just as happy with the 177.

The reviews of the iM75 weren't universally great. It seemed to be almost equally divided. Some really loved it, some thought it was "just another ski". I am FIRMLY convinced that, unless you really like to drive the skis from the cuff, most Head skis (im 75 and iM77 included) are completely different skis in the +15 position instead of the 0 position, and recommend that you demo in both positions.

I "think" Head moved the iM77 upstream a little bit, maybe sacrificed a little bit of the low-end versatility to get better powder performance, especially since they introduced an iM72 in between the 77 and the 70, but it is a very versatile ski.

Although I made a different decision for me, I think you could decide to go with the iM75 and not really need to look back or second guess yourself. A good ski stays a good ski no matter what else is introduced. I doubt you'll find iM77 for last springs prices. Also, you weight works in your favor with the iM75.

However, the other skis you demoed and "loved" are also really good skis. I certainly wouldn't advise buying a different ski (iM75 or iM77, or anything else for that matter) without first demoing it and comparing it to the others you liked.
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