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You have a group of passionate young folks who think every little new thing they learn and think is the gospel and will push, push, push (I'm here I think)...

...and you have the veteran bears that have skied for longer than some have been alive who have seen the young kind come and go.

Somewhere in between is everyone else.

Conflict generates discussion which generates ideas which repeat the cycle I suppose. I don't think we should shy away from it when things get a little heated, but I think all of us owe it to the community to never let ourselves boil over.

I have heard it said that the sheer desire to get one up on the other guy is responsible for some of mankinds greatest creations.
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MTT, You would be surprised at how well typing combatants get along when they are in person with skiing in the picture. It's part of the fun of ESA and Gatherings to connect the website personalities with the real people. Gonzo and I had some battles in our day--I used to rush home to click on the website and read his latest barrage of insults, enjoy the heat, and compose my own missiles in return, laughing maniacally, to such an extent that everyone in my household knew who Gonzo was--and I was just delighted to make his acquaintance. It was cathartic, and I'll always consider him a friend, even though he continues to abuse and rattle me.

I'll take a straightforward verbal lashing over a sidewinding passive-aggressive covert action any day--the straightforwards will always have a chance to mend with me; but I despise sidewinders as yellow-belly cowards and have no desire for a closer acquaintance.
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title says it all

A thread about how rude Epic can be turns into a flame fest: I used to post more, now rarely except in the lounge. Now even that is not interesting to me. Bitch, Bitch, and Insults I get enough of that in real life.
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Yuki, thanks for the compliment. I would echo what you said regarding most of the members here - epecially those of us that have been here for awhile. I have been here for several years, and as can be seen by my post count, do a lot less talking and a lot of listening. Newer members seem to have forgotten that... not that everyone shouldnt be allowed their chance to share their feelings on a topic, but listening and learning is much more valuable in my opinion... but what do I know, I'm only 22 (been here since I was 16). I have been reading the other thread that this makes reference to, and it makes me angry, but responding does nothing but feed the fire. Learning what your surroundings are, before you try to combat them is always something that I try to do. Unfortunately that attitude is lost at times. I suspect it will be short lived and will not degrade the quality of the community that we have built over the years.
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Hmmm....tough room at times, yes I suppose so; I expect this has to do with the mix of some very intelligent and diverse viewpoints. Some are wise, some are naive and brash, some are blatantly seeking to push buttons, though it may be hard to recognise at first. For some, it seems, this is somewhat of a church that must be preserved from blasphemers, and in which a hierarchy exists.

I consider this as an opportunity to present my mind, in it's varying aspects to a reflective surface of multifaceted entities. I receive as I give, and as I judge, expectation is a seed, and as such is a means of producing experience. I confront my own inner deviances here. I embrace my fruition. This is not different in essence than what happens in my life offline, in anything other than form.

Life is a tough room, now isn't it? Is epicski supposed to be a departure from life, or is it a realm that explores the commonalities and differences within life that offshoot from skiing in as many directions as there are personalities contributing?
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