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The Tangerine Dream

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Hey everyone, I just went to see the new TGR film. It was fun. I have never been to a premier like that, and I will go to all of them I can. It is sure a good way to get a lot of dirtbags in the same theater!

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How was the movie? Don't give away too much though. Have you seen their other films?
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I didn't attend the B-zone premier. Friends who did said it was So-So and commented that 3/4 of the way through, they were looking at their watches. Some folks left before the end.
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Going to see it in Calgary at the Flix Festivel....I think any ski movie that comes out is good. They all come from the heart...
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They all come from the heart...
of the wallet. at least the major one's, imo.
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It was just fun. It was not really outstanding by today's standards. I have seen most of the stunts before, however, it was a ski film when I should have been studying.
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