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Which ski for me??

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I'm new and have been searching and learning from the forums... but find I need some specific advice for me.

I'm 5'7'' 130-135, female, seeking a good ski for long term relationship...

Intermediate skier living and skiing in UTAH!! My instructor last year graded me as a 6-7.

I grew up skiing in the east though and all this powder is new to me!

I ski some blacks w/ bumps cautiously but was becoming more comfortable at the end of last season.

I have a weak left knee, so I want a ski that initiates turns easily, is forgiving
and will do both short and long radius turns. I'm mostly a groomer skier but want to learn to ski the powder. In other words, an all mountain ski. I'd really like something that will be good in crud as this is where I lose most confidence.

I tend to get into the back seat too much, so a ski that turns easily in a neutral or back stance would be great.

I've been looking at the Atomic SX 9 and Dynastar Ski Cross 8 or 10s. I'm concerned that I might outgrow the 8's too quickly. But I don't want "too much ski" either. I ski a 160 length.

Also, there's a cheap pair of Dynastar Exclusive Legends in my size available right now. But, is it too much ski for me?

I've been reading last year's gear review in Skipress Mag and the women testers liked the Atomics and the Dynastar 8's better than the 10's. But, I think they were skiing those in the east...

Any and all feedback would be really appreciated...
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Originally Posted by rcmslc
female, seeking a good ski for long term relationship...
Back away from the keyboard, serious question... Welcome, hope you find the anwers you are looking for.
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