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WTB K2 Enemy

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Looking for a pair of 183 K2 Enemy - (NOT PE)
Anybody want to unload???
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Buffoon is selling a pair for 70 a few posts below here.
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Gart's sports annual sale Sniagrab in Denver has about 50 pairs for $179 each still in the plastic. Plenty of 183 cm left.
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acsguitar & crudfish - thanks for the responses - but I think I omitted something - I'm looking for non AKs - (regular Enemy with 75mm waist)
so...still looking.
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It is the non-AK version that garts has at sniagrab. I just picked up a set for my brother in law. 183 cm in the plastic.
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I just picked up some @ Garts today...

...for $94!
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I'm on the east coast, and can't find 'em!! :
Tried Sports Authority but no luck...
Can't seem to find them on Garts web site either!
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K2 Enemy's

I've got a pair of 176's with demo bindings. There a couple of years old, but I'm willing to let go of them fairly cheap, if you're interested. E-mail me directly b/c I may not get back here soon...

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If anyone is still looking there is a pair on Ebay now
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